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your stock. Rout two or more pieces of stock (1-1/4" max.) with reverse cut edge joints to reach the required width. 1-3/4" large diameter.

5. The Drawer Lock bit creates a strong joint that fits precisely because one bit makes the cut in both the drawer front and the drawer side. 1 -3/4" large diameter.

6. The Round Over & Ogee Door Lip bit finishes your door edge professionally in one pass. All bits are intended for use in a router table only.

#1453 6 Piece Undercutter Set $135.95

#1452 6 Piece Standard Set $114.95

Raised Panel Instructional Video

Watch a woodworking professional make a raised panel, rail and stile frame, and other types of cabinet doors, 40 minutes of instruction.

"Picture Perfect" Set

"Picture Perfect" Set

SAVE OVER $150! Make stylish picture frames! Includes 10 carbide tipped Molding Plane Profile router bits (with storage box), Merle Multi-Corner Clamp (for gluing up picture frames) and Can-Do Clamp (for framing, drilling, and doweling).

Spiral Upcut Super Starter Set

Solid micrograin carbide for smooth, fast, accurate cuts and a sharp, long lasting edge. Perfect for mortise and tenon joints and removing material. Includes 1/4" shank 1/4" LD bit, 1/2 shank 3/8" and 1/2" LD bits.

Router Collet Extension

Give your 1/2" shank router bits an additional 2-1/4" when you extend your router bit through the router table top with our router collet extension. The router collet extension makes it possible to use all diameter of (performance bits safely, [vSuiZ-Instructions included.

66 Piece Router Bit Set

NEW Storage Box can be wall mounted!

Includes these carbide tipped bits: 8 Straight, 5 Dovetail, 6 Round Over, 6 Cove, 4 Chamfer, 3 Round Nose, 3 Hinge Mortising, Bevel, Bevel Trim, Cove Sign Lettering, Panel Pilot, 2 Roman Ogee, Multi Bead/Reed Bit, 2 Slot Cutter, Flat Bottom Sign Lettering, Flat Bottom Round Over, Double Fillet & Cove, Double Cove & Bead, Double Round Over, Rabbeting, Keyhole, Dish Cutter, Ogee Filet, Groove Forming Classical, Point Cutting Round Over,

2 Flush Trim, 3 Core Box, Classical Bit,

3 V-Groove,

2 Edge Beading,

3 bearings and an alien wrench.

#1459 1/4" shank set #1460 1/2" shank set $189.95


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