Wedge Blank

Cut wedges on the tablesaw. Build a simple jig with toggle clamps and a stop to safely hold these small pieces. Bandsaw most of the waste first so there's no dangerous offcut.

Chop the end of each mortise at the same angle as the wedge.This jig uses an actual wedge to guide the chisel. Just as it comes off the saw, the bottom end of the wedge has exactly the same taper as its long side.

Caution: The guard must be removed to use this jig.

21.Test-fit the tenons in the mortises. If the tenons are too wide, take the shelf back to the tablesaw and cut them a little bit narrower. Fine-tune the fit Until the shelf drops through the mortises without any persuasion from a mallet.

Cut Mortises in the Tenons

22. Draw a centerline down the length of each tenon (Fig. E, page 78). Mark the centers of the holes and drill (Photo 14).

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