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With a click of your mouse, download hundreds of pages of great tool buying advice, TOTALLY FREE! Just log on to www.americanwoodworker.com and discover our new Online Tool Buyer's Guide. You'll find:

Buying Basics

If you're unfamiliar with the tool, you can download general buying advice that will acquaint you with the different types of tools in the field, how suitable they are to different kinds of work, how big they are and how expensive. This will help you make sure the tool you buy is the best one for you.

Complete Tool Tests

Click on these links, and you'll be able to download copies of American Woodworker Tool Tests, the most complete and detailed in the industry. Learn what features are really important, which tools have them, and which tools we recommend, either as Editors' Choice or Best Buy.

Specifications Charts

We've compiled data on hundreds of tools.These charts have current listings of prices, specifications and features—just what you need to comparison shop.You'll find more tools, more specs, more details here than anywhere else on the Web.

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Tool Buyer's Guide

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