Home Inspector

Work Part-Time Hours... Make A Full-Time Income!

The average home inspection takes only a couple of hours... and Home Inspectors across the country are charging anywhere from SI00.00 to $300.00 per job for their specialized services. You can make a very comfortable income just working on the weekends, if you like.

No Previous Experience Neededl Start Your Own Business!

Now you can train at home, in your spare time, for a good paying career or business of your own. ICS* — the world leader in distance-learning career training — has specially prepared this program so you can get started fast toward a great future in diLs lxx>ming career field. Home Inspectors are in demand across the country as banks, mortgage companies, and concerned consumers want to know about a house before they put their money on the line. YOU can be the expert they tum to!

Learn How to Spot Trouble Throughout the Home:



Get Valuable Training on Environmental Concerns!


Take advantage of the proven ICS "Quick-Learn" method of instruction. Keep your present job while we teach g you the skills to gel a better one. Everything is explained in plain English. I Ielp is available via a simple, toll-free phone call. There is no better way to get started toward a rewarding future in Home laspection than with ICS!

VTJCf Tell me how I can train at home in my spare lime for a * Ixtier job, more money, and a new career or business of my own* No obligation No saleMnan will visit. CHECK ONE ONLY!

□ 15 HOME INSPECTOR G 89 Small Engine Repair

□ 06 Electric ian □ 01 Programming in BASIC

□ 27 PC Repair □ 15« Auto Body Repair Technician

□ 07 High SchrkA □ 148 Drywall Installer & Finisher LI 31 Locksmith □ 105 Computer Graphic Artist

□ 152 Mason □ 145 Hook- Remodeling & Repair Name_Age_


Power Without Sticker Shock

You have probably drooled over powerful 14.4-volt cordless drills at your local retailer. Take a look at one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Black & Decker's Firestorm offers 14.4 volts of fx>wer, two batteries, and a carrying case for $115. It offers typical cordless drill features like a 3/8-in. keyless chuck, torque control, and two speeds. It packs plenty of power, but suffers from a charger that doesn't shut itself off. You have to monitor how long the batteries recharge. The drill is available wherever Black & Decker tools are sold.

stuff for your shop

When you're working on lots of doors and drawers, laying out the hardware can be tedious. There are dozens of jigs out there, but we found the Easy Mark one of the simplest to use. It has two scales that make locating the hardware holes a breeze. One helps you find the center horizontally, the other vertically. Once located, a stop can be set to insure repeatability. The jig accommodates most hardware with adjustments for a single hole, or a pair of holes on 3 in. to 4-5/8 in. centers. Available for $60, plus shipping and handling, from Sommerfeld's Tools for Wood by calling (888) 228-9268.

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A Cut Above

depth gauge protractor

A Cut Above

Power tools can only cut accurately if you can set them up accurately. The Master Cage/Pro gets the job done. It features a dial indicator, protractor, depth-of-cut gauge and it can be used as indicator a square. We found the tool useful not only for initial setup on tools, but also for day-to-day use. The scales were dead-on accurate and the tool was easy to use. It sells for $229 and can be ordered by calling (805) 492 would prefer a similar tool without the protractor.

depth gauge protractor

-4616. If you order the standard Master Gage for $139.


The Workshop RoBot

Measure Once, Cut Thousands!

ShopBot's Ntw Personal Robotic Systems

IPR96 System: 4'x8'x7' $2995.00

IPR32 System: 32-x32'x7# $3995.00

Make furniture, cabinets, boats, signs, crafts. 3D carvings, and more!

A New Generation of Computer Controlled Tools

911-C East Trinity Ave. Durham NC 27704

Check our website at wftw.SHopBotTools.com

Serving Woodworker's Needs Since 1942


Pneumatic Drum/ Brush Head Sander

Eliminate Tedious Hand Sanding!

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