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Shjpcr Cutter i "WB NfVFR Close"

FiMivHMt: Euro etrbide - AnHKicbbuk - Super slick finish


Great for Shaker and Colonial style doors

Available with: 1/4" T&G «/• 5.5 mm T&G

For the Router 1/2" Shank WL-1338 (1/4" T&G) WL-1338S (5.5mm)

For the Shaper 3/4" Bore («eludes rub coBar) WL-1588 (1/4" T&G) WL-1588S (5.5mm) T&G)

CHECK 0UR<3£pCUnERS — chaîrrail, base cap, crown mouldings, and mora!


WrfRHCthbp i tur 200 NEW . Bitt i Cutttrt

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