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hinking of moving up? Need a machinc with greater length, more horsepower, greater rigidity? Most of our customers have exceeded the capacity of smaller machines.

Heavy cast iron construction, precisely machined. produces a lathe with 16" swing. With user supplied 2" x 6M timbers, this lathe can be sized to fit your workshop or project. Excellent for faceplate or spindle work. Guaranteed to please and compliment even the most discerning of craftsmen.

The Conover Lathe. A long tradition of pride in American-made quality.


Wood bleach actually lightens the color of wood. It can also de-color many pigments and dyes.

A package of wood bleach contains two bottles, usually labeled "A" and "B." One contains lye (sodium hydroxide) and the other peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). The bleaching action occurs when the two chemicals come together in contact with wood.

Instructions for use vary from brand to brand. Some say to put part A on first, then apply B before A dries. Others suggest mixing the two just before application. The object is to get both chemicals and the wood all in the same place at the same time. Read the directions.

Use a synthetic-bristle brush or a clean rag to apply the bleach. When the lye goes on first, it initially darkens the wood. Once the peroxide goes on it is likely to foam as it reacts with the wood and lye. Let the wood dry completely, usually overnight, then sponge off all residue with plenty of clean water.

TWO-PART WOOD BLEACH takes the color out of most dark woods and blends maple heartwood color with its sapwood.




Wear long neoprene gloves, with ends cuffed to catch drips, a waterproof apron, and goggles. Brush carefully. A/B bleach is extremely caustic and will quickly burn your skin and eyes.

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