A Catalog Of Solutions

Lee Valley Toots Ltd.% 12 East Ritter Street, Ogdettsburg. N.Y. 13669

Our 252-page, full-color catalog has the widest selection of woodworking hand tools on the market. It is filled uith detailed information (like above) plus many technical tips.

Large material enter* cyclone and 5ett4ee on bottom.

Call: 1-800-871-8158 x or fax: 1-800-513-7885 C

Our catalog is $5 (refunded with first order) or FREE uith any purchase from this ad

N.V. residents, add sales tax.

Overseas, call: 1-615-596-0350 or fax: 1 613-596-6030.

Visit our Web site at $nru\lectwlley.com

Veritas® Cyclone Lids

Capacity is a problem in every dust collection system, but particularly in small shop systems. This Cyclone Lid will let you sidetrack up to 99% of Cyclone Lid 4" Ho$e Inlet jointer/planer shavings and lesser amounts of fine dust (such as from sanding) to a barrel or trash-can. It lets you convert a standard shop vacuum into a high-capacity dust collector.

In fact, if your shop vacuum draws 6 amps or more, you can use it with our dust collection network to power a complete collection system. If you have a lower-powered vacuum (less than 6 amps), you can still use it with the cyclone on a single machine, such as a planer.

The secret to all of this is good design. Ours is an in-line system with minimum deflection of airflow. Inlet air is swirled around the out-

100% of duat 90% to 99% Small removed from = of duet and + amount workspace. debrie collected directed to by cyclone. vacuum.

Lee Valley & ueRitas

A Catalog Of Solutions

Lee Valley Toots Ltd.% 12 East Ritter Street, Ogdettsburg. N.Y. 13669

Large material enter* cyclone and 5ett4ee on bottom.

side of the Airflow continue® on to i, vacuum.

collector container while outlet air is drawn from the top center, leaving all but the finest dust inside the collector container. Our tests showed that the only other unit on the market in this price range allowed more than five times as much material to escape the cyclone. You can collect a dozen or more trashcans of shavings before you have to think about emptying the vacuum cleaner. The Cyclone Lid, made from black ABS, can be used on any round container with a top diameter between 20" and 23l/5,r; it has registration ledges for standard trashcaas at 20", and 45- to 55-gallon drums at 23lAn. Lids come drilled for use with either 2,/>" or 4" hose.

The lid seals so well to a trashcan or barrel that the system can be used for wet vacuuming as well as dry. Hoses and attachments not included. Patent pending. AW701 Cyclone Lid - Hose Inlet $29-95 AW702 Cyclone Lid - 4" Hose Inlet $29-95

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