Extra Value

Grand Edition Unisaw extras add up to over $300 Then add a $100 rebate on top of that

We've added an extra cast iron extension wing to start with. Then a 52" Unifence' Saw Guide, white laminated table and shetf board, white adjustable steel support legs and a 50-tooth ATB&R carbide-tipped blade.

Unisaw* stands alone for quality and precision. Every single arbor is flange-faced after assembly to reduce run-out An extra step that other manufacturers don't bother with.

Each Grand Edition Unisaw" cames the personalized name plate of its owner. Namely you.

W^^^ The Grand Edition series from Delta. Each a Delta classic.

Each done iri white. And each made in the USA and loaded with extra goodies. These babies are hot. And they'll be built in limited quantities, for a limited time only. (Extra values and rebates in effect through March 31,1999.) For the name of your nearest participating dealer call Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486.

In Canada, call 519-a36-2840. Rebates are available in Canada

(in Canadian funds) on these models only.

Proud sponsor of The Now Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram w and The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips.

shown with the optional rear lock & mobile base

Made In the US A

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