Facemaker Clamps

This system bores the holes and the pieces to help in assembly. The jaws can be opened to 7-1/4 in. and are self-centering on frame parts. Mating boards arc damped into the tool at the same time, so holes can be bored and screws driven in one set-up.

Hardened-steel drill guides No assembly jig required

Entire drilling and assembly set-up is done in one step Jaws are self-centering, hole locations always consistent

Easy for chips to clear from drill path No limit on material thickness pnyQ ■ Can only be used on face-frame type assemblies, UUlid not on cabinet boxes

■ Best suited for 3/4-in. thick material

COST: $332, plus 55 s&h. from FaceMaker; (800) 533-5000.



The Task ProCenter earned our Editors* Choice Award because of its versatility. With adjustable hole spacing and a guide system that can be used separately, this jig is a real workhorse.

Kreg's Rocket gets the Best Buy Award. If you need to do an occasional pocket hole and the convenience of a self-contained clamp is no big deal to you, this jig gives lots of function for the monev.

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    How do you use a face maker clamp?
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