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Fence by lack Phillips

I never throw anything away. Some day, I tell myself, the stuff in that neglected pile of junk will come in handy. I was right! I rcsurrcctcd my old Craftsman tablcsaw fcncc and turned it into a first-rate bandsaw fcncc.

I needed a larger bandsaw tabic and a better fcncc for rcsawing. Because the old fcncc loeked on a back rail I made the new bandsaw tabic the same size as my old Craftsman tablcsaw. The trick was devising the means to anchor and level the new cable.

I came up with a simple system to mount the new table, using pairs of wood blocks. One-half of the pair is bolted to the edge of the old bandsaw table. The other has a slotted hole so I can move the new table up and down to get it perfectly level. The slotted blocks are glued and screwed to a set of five table supports that hold up the new wooden bandsaw tabic.

Drilling holes in the soft cast iron edge of my bandsaw table was easy. I built the table supports first so 1 knew where the holes had to go.

Now 1 have a large, sturdy table for my bandsaw. With more table fore and aft of the blade, it's easier to balance long work and with a longer miter slot, I can cut wider pieces than I could before. A

$200 BUCKS!

If you have a great shop solution, send it to us with a sketch or photo and a brief explanation. It could be worth $200! Send to: "Shop Solutions/' American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121. Submissions can't !>e returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment.

You can upgrade your bandsaw with an old tablesaw fence. A larger wooden table can l)e made to fit around all four sides of the original table, leaving a slot on the right side for blade changing.

Pairs of simple wooden blocks fasten the new table to the old. One block is bolted directly to the edge of the iron bandsaw table. The other block is part of a glued and screwed table support. This block is slotted to allow the wooden table to be leveled.

Overhead view of the supports for the new wooden table. Cut and glue-up five sets, then drill holes in the left and right edges of the iron table. Bolt all of the table supports to the bandsaw table. Then, mount the new wooden table on top of the supports and screw the table down from above. Finally, level the table.

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