DETERMINE THE ARCH OF THE UPPER RAIL. 1. On a piece of paper, draw a baseline and mark on it the overall width of the door. Then, to determine the length of the rail, mark the positions of the two stiles. 2. Draw the centerline of the rail. Divide each half of the rail into thirds and mark points B on the baseline. 3. Line AC extends below the baseline by the width of the panel bevel (in this case 1 in.). Point C is the center of the arch. 4. From point C, swing an arc with a radius equal to the distance BC. This is the rail arch. 5. Draw the top of the rail. Make the distance between it and the top of the arch the same as the width of the stiles.

MITER THE MOLDED EDGE on the frame parts. To align the cut, screw a wood fence to your miter gauge, and mark the end of the cut. Align the shoulder of the tenon with this mark. After mitering, cut the second shoulder on the tenon.

MARK OUT THE PANEL for cutting the arch. Masking tape protects the surface when you use the compass. Lay out the shoulders with a small square.

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