■ Keep the lights down low. This makes it easier to see the flame, and easier to judge e color of the heated rod. Avoid tip-overs. The torch is top-heavy, and easy to tip over. I found an old, wide-mouth coffee pot that the cylinder of my fits into. When I'm not using it, the rch rests steady in the pot. You can rig inething similar.

ear safety glasses. Tiny pieces of hot steel and scale can be dislodged at just about any stage in this project. Always wear your glasses.

■ Manage the heat. Whenever possible, work on long (18-in. or so) pieces of rod. Cut the finished tool off the end. If you to heat a short piece, grip it with locking pliers. Don't try to use drill rod thicker than 3/16 in.; MAPP gas won't be able to get it hot enough.

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