ClJrVed seat and back

With a set of outdoor chairs like this on your patio or deck, you and your guests can enjoy the open air in comfort and style. This chair is comfortable (the seat contours were patterned after a Mercedes Benz seat!), and so simple to build you can put one together in a weekend. You'll need only basic tools: a table-saw (or radial-arm saw), bandsaw, drill press and router.

Because I live on the coast of Florida, 1 designed my patio chair to stand up to the ravages of salt-laden air, hot sun and heavy rain. And I didn't want a patio-full of chairs that required heavy maintenance. You can enjoy these without worrying about scraping and painting every year.

One of the tricks to building a low-maintenance chair is to select the right wood. I made these chairs eXtra-comfortable.

from vertical-grain cypress. The grain pattern is visually appealing, and cypress holds up extremely well outdoors, without any finish. Other suitable woods arc teak, mahogany and cedar. Another secret to a long-lasting chair is to select the right hardware. I used square-drive stainless steel screws, which won't rust or stain the wood (available from McFeely%s, 800-443-7937). Also, be sure to use a weather-resistant glue. I've had good luck with Titcbond II, a yellow glue that's easy to work with and holds up well in moist

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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