Miter Line

by Ian Kirby

This wooden cavern holds tons of tools, plus it doubles as a bench outrigger.

by Ian Kirby

For tough and intelligent tool storage, it's hard to beat a professional mechanic's tool chest. It has shallow full-extension drawers tailored to the tools inside, it rolls around, and it's indestructible. However» in the woodworking shop, the mechanic's chest isn't perfect: it's expensive, it's made of edge-dinging metal, the drawers aren't sized for woodworking tools, and it's not a useful height. This roll-around toolbox solves all of these problems.

One nifty feature is that it has full-cxtcn-sion drawers without the premium price of full-extension slides. Instead, you use ordinary bottom-mount slides that are 4 in. longer than the drawers themselves. The extra length tucks into a pocket alongside the internal strongback (Photo 2). This approach easily saves you $100. To build the box, plan to spend about $80 on wood, and $75 on hardware.

This toolbox works closely with your bench (Photo 1). It keeps your tools organized and close at hand, but out of the way of your project. By making the box the exact height of your bench, it also works as an outrigger for breaking down plywood and supporting large work. The compartment behind the drawers accommodates tools up to 28 in. long.

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