Oilbased Wood Stain

Paul St Germain

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To locate the retailer nearest you, cail i-SOO-US-STAIN ext. 343.




Joining two picccs of round stock to make a UT" such as where a chair post joins a rail, requires a tricky intersection. Your layout must be precise so that you can fit one piece to the other. To find this exact shape, drill a piece of scrap, as shown, and use it to mark the correct curve.

Ycung Chan Millbrae, CA

Turning Halves

I often make decorative turnings that I later divide into two halves. Sawing the turnings down the middle is awkward and reduces the diameter by the width of the saw kerf. The trick is to glue up the turning blank in two halves, with kraft paper in between. After turning, I simply take a chisel and split the turning neatly down the middle. The paper adheres to both sides and is easily removed with water and a little scraping with a chisel.

Paulo Ricardo Toncrta (Canela, Brazil



lightweight spring ^.th a s.mple turn of the

■ x screw, clamping pressure is set to clamp from the precise requirements of the

Adjustable ^^^^^Y^Sy project at hand. Soft, pivoting

Clamp Co. / v.A jaw pads hold irregular surfaces together without O ) ikJ( If vS damage, securely gripping

50 lbs. of clamping force.

Made in USA

Made with light yet strong plastic and a heavy-duty tempered steel

Made in USA

Materiale pr da copyright by popular demand

March 31, 1999

Wanted for sawing, planing, drilling, molding and jointing in all 50 states. JETs band of woodworking tools was last seen in the company of the legendary contractor's style tablesaw. Anyone with information leading to the

purchase of these tools is advised to follow the stampede to your local JET dealer to round up the tools you've always wanted. JET is offering rewards of up to $ 100 for the purchase of these notorious tools.

Materiale protetto da copyright

Accurate Bevels

The standard angle scale on my bandsaw is too small to read accurately. 1 made a large» new scale on the back side of my bandsaw and attached a pointer stick to the back edge of the cast iron table. Now I can cut bevels and miters to a tolerance of less than one degree.

Simon Watts The Arques School Sausalito, CA

Back-Saver Grinder

I've always found the average bench grinder much too low for comfort. I raised mine closer to eye level, and find it a tremendous improvement. No more stooping, and it's easier for me to see exactly what I'm doing.

Eric Nichols Crockett, CA

lis Your TL RN To JVIake Pens

In 2 M anules

The Wood Write mini-lathe Model 160 (shown above) comes assembled, mounted, aligned and ready to run. Complete with:

• 1/3hp AC induction motor with foot switch

• 400 - 5700 rpm (6 steps): 16-1/2" between centers: 5-1 >2* swing over bed; 2-3/4" swing over saddle: high speed ball bearings -head and tail stock

• the E-Z Glide™ crank (4 turns to move saddle V)

• tool mount and carbide tipped cutting tool

• Wood WWte's exclusive high efficiency dust collection manifold The Model 260 includes all of the above PLUS a motorized saddle drive - cuts so smoothly you'll hardly even need sandpaper!

The Model 360 includes all of the above, a motorized saddle drive, PLUS automatic stop switches at the head and tail stock. Ask about it! It's the Dream Mini-lathe.

Now available - the hands free Wood Write Copy-Cat™ duplicator -the easiest way to copy from patterns or other work.

Wood kMt Ltd.

2121 A bell Lane, Bldg. 404 Sparks, MD 21152 USA Tel: 1-888-966-3974 Fax: 410-771-4879

e-mail: woodwrite©wor1dnet.attnet

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