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Bandsaw Tire True-Up

©How can I fix a bandsaw tire with irregularities that bump the blade? I'm getting a lot of .side-to-side movement with the blade.

Raymond Wilson Scottsdale, AZ

O Truing the hard rubber tire that goes around the rim of each bandsaw wheel should solve your problem. There are several ways to do this, but the one I like to use comes from my turning background.

First, unplug your saw and remove the bandsaw blade. Clamp a block of wood to the frame of the bandsaw, near the tire's outside edge and perpendicular to the wheel, to serve as a tool rest. Spin the wheel to make sure it doesn't rub against your tool rest. Then have an assistant slowly turn the bandsaw wheel by hand while you hold a sharp chisel on the wooden tool rest. Shave the tire true, making a scraping cut with the chisel. Remember that you want a slight crown in the tire for best blade tracking. Watch your fingers so they don't get caught in the spinning wheel.

Steve Blcnk Sequim, WA

Rust and Mold on Waterstones

©My set of Norton water-stones has recently developed two problems. First, a brownish stain appears when I sharpen my chisels and plane irons. Could this be rust? My second problem is mold, probably the result of storing my stones in damp conditions. Can you recommend a way to get rid of the rust and mold?

Ted Bonncma Aurora, CO

O You're right about the first problem. The brown stain is from the oxidation of small steel particles. This doesn't affect the functioning of the stone and is only an aesthetic concern.

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