Touch Latch

Draw before you saw

Don't charge into sawing your plywood before you buy the hardware. You can cut wood to suit the hardware, but you can't redesign metal hardware to fit your wood. Get all the hardware—drawer slides, hinges, touch-latches and wheels—before you start to build, then adjust your design to suit these parts.

You'll have to make a full-size sectional drawing to show how the drawers fit inside the case. The drawing will help you avert hardware conflicts. Pay close attention to the back-door hinges. You might have to rearrange the drawers to make room for them.

Magnetic touch-latches bypass the need for drawer pulls and keep the drawers closed while you roll the cabinet around the shop. Single latches won't have enough oomph to open deep drawers full of iron, but you can buy double latches, or combine two or more singles.

Assemble the box

Figure B shows how to get the whole box out of one sheet of 3/4 in. -1" wood. Note that seven 4 box sides, the rear doors, the strong-back sides and back—are all sawn to the same height. Organize the plywood breakdown and sawing so you sides of the toolbox before assembly. A plywood jig with a cleat will ensure that the slides are square and at the same height on both sides.

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