Wide And Matched Lumber

Tiger Maple, plain and figured Chert)'. Walnut and furniture grade Mahogany. 4/4-4/4 Irion Lumber. PO Box 954, Wcllsboro. PA 16901-0954. (570) 724-1895.


NATIVE SPECIES. Cut to order. Tree catalog. Croffwood Mills. RR1 Box 22A. Driftwood. PA 15832 or (814) 546-2532. "Satisfitition Guaranteed!"

FLAMINGO SPECIALTY VENEER COMPANY. We're not promising the lowest prices. We're guaranteeing the finest veneers and technical support. (".all us and see (973) 672-7600.

1/16"-1/2* DOMESTIC/EXOTIC HARDWOOD. Perfect for fretwork and scrollsawing. Custom milling. Check our prices. Free catalog. Fretwork Fantasies, 208 Barker Avenue, High Point. NC 27262. (336) 882-1940. E-mail: A1 fretwx>rkii,aol.com

HIGHEST QUALITY FIGURED MAPLE, curl, quilted, burl, and spaltcd. Boards, blocks, and instrument. Randle Woods. P.O. Box 96. Randle. WA 98377. www.randlewood.com. (800) 845-8042.

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