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Cabinet shop owners across the U.S. call Woodmaster's 26" and 38" drum sanders "the best kept secret in woodworking." These commercial-duty sanders fill the niche between slow hand methods and expensive wide belt sanders. And there's no sacrifice in quality. But don't take our word for it . . . call todav for free

information and the names of VVoodmaster owners nearest you. This way, you can find out first-hand how a Woodmaster sandcr might be just the machine you've been looking for.

1-800-821-6651 ext. DB23

Woodmaster Tools, Inc. 1431 N. Topping Ave. Dept. 23 Kansas City, Missouri 64120 yArww.woodmastertools.com

Visit us on the Internet ai hetpV/www.hlghland-harc^are.com

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home? Woodworking can be a fun, yet dangerous experience if not performed properly. In The Art of Woodworking Beginners Guide, we will show you how to choose everything from saws to hand tools and how to use them properly to avoid ending up in the ER.

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