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210 Wood County Industrial Par* OepL 99WA03S PO Box 1686. Parfcersburg, WY 26102 1686

You can have all this and more with the amazing Shopsmith Mark V. This compact (takes up about same space as a bicycle), affordable machine combines the five tools most required to work with wood into a complete woodworking shop.

• It's a 10" Table Saw • It's a 12" Disc Sander

• It's a 16-12" Drill Press • It's a 34" Wood Lathe

• It's a Horizontal Boring Machine

Over 600.000 folks do their woodworking on a Shopsmith Mark V. It's the easiest tool to use because the accuracy is built-in and transfers from one tool to another. And, the Mark V can be expanded to encompass 15 additional tools for far less than the individual tools they replace.

The Shopsmith Mark V is a better alternative than individual woodworking tools. Make the right choice!

Call TODAY to get your complete Mark V Information Kit.

It's FREE! Just call f -800-557-8387

and ask for operator A

A better alternative than individual woodworking tools!

How would you like to have one woodworking tool that lets you:

• Do your own home repairs, build decks, barns, a gazebo, porches, benches, planters and hundreds of other home projects...that protect and increase the value of your home? •

• Build toys and decorative items as gifts for kids, relatives, friends, the church or school bazaar? Make furniture like chests, tables, chairs, cabinets, beds? Anything you need to furnish your home with items sure to become heirlooms?

• Sell profitable woodcrafts like wall decorations, yard ornaments, arts & craft items and other desirables?

Shopsmith Inc. 6530 Poe Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45414-2591

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

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