Accent Lamp

Woodsmith Project Supplies is offering a hardware kit for the Accent Lamp shown on page 12. The kit includes all the electrical parts and support hardware. The brass inlay strips, "instant glue," and shade can be ordered separately, see below. (Note: This kit does not include wood, assembly screws, or finish.)

Accent I>amp 775-100 Accent Lamp Hardware Kit $7.95

•(1) Six Foot Cord and Plug (Gold Colored), ULApproved •(1) Straight Fixture Pipe, 11" Long, Vg" I. P. Thread. Threaded Both Fnds, Brass-Plated

• (1) Brass Hex Nut and Steel Lock Washer, Fits Fixture Pipe

•(1) Shade Harp, Two Piece, Brass-Plated, 7"

• (1) Light Socket, Brass-Plated, Push-Through On-Off Switch, UL Approved

• (1) Finial Cap, Brass-Plated brass strips. The Lamp shown on page 12 has decorative brass strips. We bought the original strips from a hobby shop. Woodsmith Project Supplies is also offering the brass strips. 775-150 Brass Accent Strips. .064" Thick, W Wide. 12" Long, Box of Eight $5.95 per box instant gll'e. After some experimenting, we found out that epoxy glue didn't hold the brass strips to the wood very well. So we tried using a variety of "instant" (cyanoacrylate) glues. The one we chose sets up in 20 to 50 seconds and held the brass strips securely in place.

This instant glue has the consistency of cold honey so it fills gaps. We recommend you also order the solvent to remove glue from your hands and clothing. 775-210 Special T Glue, 2 oz.

bottle $9.95

775-220 Ultra Solvent, 2 oz.

bottle $4.95

lamp shade. Lamp shades can be purchased at many department stores. Finding a square shade may be more difficult, but we found ours at a local lighting shop. Woodsmith Project Supplies is offering the high quality square linen shade shown in the photo on page 12. 775-175 Lamp Shade, 12" Sq. x 8" High. White Linen... $27.95

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