East Meets West

On a recent visit to my local hardware store, I discovered some western-style saws with Japanese-style teeth, see photo at right. Instead of having two bevels as on most western saws, this saw has long, sharp, three-bevel Japanese teeth, see photo at left.

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uShort Cut" saw teeth have three bevels like Jajxinese sows. But they point straight down to cut on both push and pull strokes.

One manufacturer, Stanley, calls their line of hybrids "Short Cut" saws, and makes them in Pennsylvania. The line includes panel saws, backsaws. and a "Tool Box" saw.

Stanley has made some changes to the traditional Japanese crosscut tooth design. The most obvious change is that the teeth point down, not back like a Japanese saw, or forward like a western saw. This means the blade cuts on both the push and pull stroke, which Stanley says "cuts the wood 50% faster than conventional saws."

I tested this claim by timing how long it took to make a cut with the 15"-long "Tool Box" saw, and then timing the same cut with a traditional western crosscut saw. The Tool Box" saw did make it through with 50*. fewer strokes, but it took me the same length of time as with the traditional saw -cutting on both strokes is hard work.

The surface left by the "Tool Box" saw is very rough. But on the whole, I like it for making rough cuts in hardwood and for cutting construction grade lumber.



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