Japanese Saws

Jim Morgans Wood Profits

Jim Morgan's Wood Profits

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Japanese saws (shown on pages 24 to 26) are available from the following catalogs. Please call each company for a catalog or more information.

The Japan Wood-wofker

800-537-7820 Hida Japanese Tool, Inc.

415-524-3700 The WoodworittTs' Store


Constan tine's

800-223-8087 Garrett Wade 800-221-2942 Grisly Imports

800-541-5537 Woodcraft



Similar hardware and supplies may be found in the following catalogs. Please call each company for a catalog or information.

Bridge City Tool Works


Instant Glut

Constan tine's

800-223-8087 Lamp Parts. Brass Strips. Instant Glue. Inserts. Spar Varnish, Plastic Resin Glue

Craftsman Wood

Service Co.


Lamp Parts, Threaded

Inserts, Plastic Resin


Leichtling Workshops

800-321-6840 Lamp Parts, Instant Glue, Threaded Inserts

Meisel Hardware

800-441-9870 LampPartii

Paxton Hardware, Ltd.

301-592-8505 Lamp Parts, Shades, Th traded Inserts

Wood Finishing Supph

315-597-3743 Spar Varnish


800-225-1153 Instant Glue. Threaded Inserts, Mortising Bits, Plastic Resin Glue

The Woodworkers' Store

612-428-2199 Instant Glue, Threaded Inserts, Spar Varnish, Wood Sealer, Plastic Resin Glue

Woodworker's Supply of New Mexico

800-645-9292 Instant Glue, Inserts


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