To make the legs, start by cutting four lengths of 2x6 to finished dimensions, see Fig. 16.

tenons. After the legs are cut to size, the tenons can be cut on each end of the legs, see Fig. 16. (Note: Since the arms and feet are different thicknesses, the tenons at the top of the legs are a different length than the tenons at the bottom of the legs.)

To cut the tenons, I used a dado blade to make a shoulder cut on each piece with the end of the leg butted to the rip fence. Then I made multiple passes to complete the tenon.

round-overs. Before assembling the base, rout a VV' round-over on the edges (but not the tenons) of all four legs, see Fig. 17.

assemble the base. To assemble the table base, first glue the legs, one at a time, into the mortises in the feet assembly, see Fig. 17. Then glue the arm assembly onto the top ends of the legs.


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