Sharpening Tips

Oilstones, waterstones, grinding wheels, and sharpening aids—how do you organize them so they're easily accessible and can be cleaned up quickly? If you have any storage ideas, or any unique sharpening tips, we'd like to see them.

We'll publish the best sharpening tips and storage ideas in upcoming issues. Winners will receive $ 100 and a Woodsmith Master Try Square. Duplicate or similiar entries will be considered in the order we receive them.

Send your sharpening tips and storage ideas (postmarked no later than July 15. 1991) to Shop Tips Contest, Woodsmith, 2200 Grand Ave., Des Moines. Iowa 50312.

The problem with most knockdown sawhorses is they're not very sturdy—they wobble if you put much force on them.

But the design sent in by Joe Torrez of Madera, California minimizes this problem by using a set of tabs that fit in slots to "lock" the pieces together.

constri ction. To make a single sawhorse, draw the pattern directly onto -W-thick plywood and cut out the pieces. If you're building more than one, use these pieces as a template.

assembly sequence. Start by inserting the cross brace into the holes in the legs. Then, match the slots in the top to the legs, and slide the top in place.

OVE RAU DIMENSIONS: 24"H x 15' 4"W x 343 4"D





11 v4"








15 Vi"

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