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Turn-Around Planer

To make the best use of shop space, I mounted my portable planer under my bench and installed rollers at each end of the bench so I could plane long boards without moving the machine. This worked well, but it still meant I needed to carry all the stock from the outfeed side to the infeed when making several passes. One day I got smart and mounted the planer on a piece of plywood with a "lazy Susan" underneath. Wooden pegs keep it locked in position. Now all I have to do is pull the pins and rotate the planer 180° for the second pass.

Taming the Power Cords

Do the cords of your power tools look like a rat's nest? Try taming them with twin-bead ponytailers. These are braided elastic hair bands with a small ball at each end. Just fold the cable in half, then in half again until you have the size you want. Wrap the ponytail-er around the cord and slip the ball through the loop. Ponytailers come in various sizes and can be found in the cosmetics department along with other hair accessories.

Charles Dilks

Richland, WA

Reciprocating File

In these days of the scroll saw revolution, flea markets are chock full of old-style cast-iron jigsaws. I bought one recently and converted it to a reciprocating filing machine. I first cut off the upper arm, and then I made an adaptor which held the file in place and fit over the jigsaw blade holder. I also changed the pulleys and found that a l-in.-dia. pulley driving a 6-in.-dia. pulley will give the right filing speed, when driven by a 1,725-rpm motor.

Ron Pavelka Orange, CA

peg locks rotating planer table in place.
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