Classic Waumut Finish

Every now and then you come across a piece of walnut that just sings with color. The highlights glow with an undertone of warm reddish browns, and each sweeping cathedral pattern defines itself with a slight change in hue. Of course, the rest of the time you are forced to make do with black walnut that is gray and monochromatic. When that happens, try evening the odds with this finishing technique.

The trick is to tint the "cathedrals" of your walnut to simulate the varied hues of air-dried wood. For this you'll need to mix two alcohol-soluble dyes, one reddish brown and the other with a greenish-brown tint. (Note: If you've sealed with shellac, mix the dye powder in a minimum of alcohol, and after you've dissolved and strained the dye mix, add an equal part of water to prevent the alcohol from completely redissolving the shellac sealer.)

When dry brushing, author first "loads" his brush by scrubbing the bristles through the stain (left). Then he lightly brushes the desired patterns onto the surface of the work-piece (below).

1: Ground stain the gray walnut with a weak orange dye.

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