Page 46 Queen Anne Lowboy Page 28 Gluing Curves Page 36 Deco Napkin Holder


Gluing Up Curves By Peter Korn

The Ras ins of Rent I aminatinn_28

Resawing on the Bandsaw 31

A Jig for Perfect Miters By Mario Rodriguez

Traditional "Miter Jack" Makes It Easy ¿3

Deco Napkin Holder By Yeung Chan

Angular Elegance and Handy Storage ¿16

Buyer's Guide to Bandsaws By Dave Sellers

Benchtops to Behemoths: The Lowdown on 21 Models 38

Tuning a New Bandsaw 42

Choosing Bandsaw Blades 45

Queen Anne Lowboy By Lonnie Bird

A 1700s Design With Traditional Styling 46

Challenge V: A Turning Exhibition By Albert LeCoff Shaping Turnings on the Lathe and Beyond 52

Multi-Step Finishes By Michael Dresdner

Add Depth to Your Work With These Pro Techniques 54

Three Classic Finishes 56, 57 & 58

Bench Hold-Downs By Kevin Ireland

Securing Workpieces Where Vises and Clamps Can't 59

Seating Made Simple By Simon Watts

Build This California-Style Chair From Wood and Canvas 63

Turning Talc on the Lathe By William E. Sargent

This Soft Stone Cuts Like Butter and Looks Like Marble 66

Forests in Crisis By Scott Landis

How Woodworkers Can Help Save Our Resources 68

Timber-Saving Tips 69

Closeup on Innovative Forestry 70


A Behind-the-Scenes Peek

"The best tool reviews in the business!" we hear people say about American Woodworker s Buyer's Guides. That reputation doesn't come easy. Lots of thought, planning and effort go into making our tool tests as thorough and objective as we know how. Our goal is to give you the necessary information to pick the right tools and equipment for your woodworking needs and budget.

To give you a glimpse of the tool-review process, let's take a look at how the "Buyer's Guide to Bandsaws," in this issue, came together.

In any test, our editors first draw some parameters. For the handsaw test, we had to ask: How many band-saws are out there? C^an we test even'

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