Excellence In Craftsmanship Awards Competition


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Award Category (check one only) □ Professional □ Amateur □ Student

.Number of pieces being entered

On a separate sheet of paper, describe each piece in 100 words or less.

Mail entry to: Excellence in Craftsmanship Awards,

American Woodworker

33 E. Minor Street, Emmaus, PA 18098.

I agree to abide by the rules and accept the judges' decision as final.


Deadline for entries is September 1st, 1994.

It's time to enter your best work in the 1994 AMERICAN WOODWORKER Excellence in Craftsmanship Awards Competition.

Send us photos of a project you've built, and you could win one of nine awards - including a cash prize of up to $1000. All types of woodworking projects are eligible: furniture, turnings, carving, sculpture, musical instruments, toys, etc. You may enter up to three pieces. Entries will be judged for craftsmanship and design, but designs need not be original to win.

Amateurs, professionals, and students" will be judged separately.

* To qualify m u student you must be enrolled tn a troorftro/jbtNg school or fumirurr design sekool in 1994.


The deadline for entries is September 1st, 1994. american Wîxîdworki r is nor responsible for entries lost, delayed or damaged in the mail or elsewhere. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Decision of the judges shall be final.


Amateur Category

1st Prize:

•Commemorative award

•Featured in american wixjdworkf.r

2nd Prize:

•Award certificate

3rd Prize:

•Award certificate

Professional Category

1 st Prize:

•Commemorative award

•Featured in AMERICAN


2nd Prize:

•Award certificate

3rd Prize:

•Award certificate

Student Category

Isr Prize: •$1,000 cash •Commemorative award •Featured in AMERICAN

Woodworker 2nd Prize: •$300 cash •Award certificate 3rd prize: •$200 cash •Award certificate


Fill out the form on this page (or a photocopy) and mail it with:

11 A color photograph(s) or slide(s) of the piecc(s) you want to enter (up to three pieces). Label photos and slides with your name and address.

21 A description of each piece including dimensions and materials ( 100 words or less).

31 Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of slides. (Sorry, prints cannot be renirned.)

Deadline for entries:

September 1st, 1994. Finalists will be contacted for further information and winners will be announced in the February 1995 issue of American Woodworker.

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