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Page CONSTANTINE'S: Over 4,000 87 woods, veneers, inlays, carvings, mold-Circle ings, hardware, finishing supplies, 104 books, plans... All backed by 180 years of experience and 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee. 2-year sub $1.00.

Page GARRETT WADE: Our 1994 catalog

17 has 224 full-color pages of the very Circle best tools, books, finishing supplies 70 and shop accessories. Many tips and much information.

Cover GRIZZLY IMPORTS: Free 1994 cat-

2 alog is bigger and better than ever! Page Many new items along with our large 27 selection of affordably priced wood-Circle working machines, tools & accesso-43 ries.

Page HIGHLAND HARDWARE: Free tool 11 catalog offers 130 pages of the finest Circle hand and power tools, books and sup-36 plies. In-depth product descriptions and extra how-to information.

Page McFEELY'S: New color catalog fea-27 tures over 300 varieties of the incredi-Circle ble square-drive screw. We also carry 9 wood worki ng books, clamps, carbide-tipped router bits and sawblades, and more.

Page WOODCRAFT SUPPLY: Over 4,000 91 quality tools, books, supplies, hard-Circle ware in our 140-page catalog. Toll-free 28 technical assistance, ordering and customer service. 800-542-9115. Dept.# 94WA05T.


22 1993/94 catalog with over 200 new Circle items: domestic and exotic hardwoods, 39 veneers, wood parts, hardware, kitchen accessories, finishing supplies; many exclusive, hard-u>-find specialties. Catalog S2.

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