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Instant Dowel Centers

For a quick doweling job, I drive a finish nail about halfway into the wood wherever I want a dowel. I clip

the head off, so only about lA in. is left sticking out, and I press the mating piece firmly against the nails. Then I pull the nails and drill holes with a brad-point bit at all the points marked. Unlike when using dowel centers, you can use this technique for any size of dowel.

Martin Gross Martin, WA

Shaping Thin Stock

Shaping thin stock, such as picture-frame molding, on a router table can be awkward. It's easy to roll or lift the work, affecting the cut, and one's fingers are perilously close to the cutter. My solution is to attach an outrigger to the workpiece with hot-melt glue. I cut away the lower edge of the supports as shown so they'll clear the

bit's pilot bearing. Then I can rout both sides of a workpiece with perfect safety.

Dale Fritz Cypress, TX

Punching Copper

I recently made a pie safe for my wife, and of course she wanted the doors decorated with punched copper panels in traditional fashion. Punching four large panels, all by hand, was going to take time, so I used my drill press. I took the handle off an ice pick, chucked the steel needle in the drill chuck and set the copper sheet, backed with plywood, on the table underneath. By setting the drill press depth stop I could get a consistent hole in the copper sheet every time. With the drill press running, it was easy to withdraw the ice pick.

John Eiler Rivcrdalc, GA

Turning the Tables

Here's a good way to support a panel or door while finishing. Put one nail in one end of the panel and two nails in the other end so it can't rock.

When you've applied finish to one side, turn the panel over by lifting the end with the two nails and pivoting the panel on the single nail on the other end. Once your finish is in place, leave the panel on the sawhorse to dry.

Carl Dorsch Pittsburgh, PA

Boring the Odd Hole

1 often need to drill odd-sized holes for which I don't have a standard bit. So, I make my own from spade bits. For example, recently I wanted a hole to fit '¿-in. electrical conduit. Since the pipe was a fraction over XXM in., I started with a 5/»-in. spade bit and ground a fraction off each edge. I was careful to keep the bit symmetrical, cooling the steel frequently with water. As I got closer to the size I wanted, I chucked the bit and drilled trial holes until I had the correct diameter. The final step was to remove the burr by honing the bit fiat on an oilstone.

John Matthews Champaign, IL

No-Hands Stop Switch

"No-Grope Switches" ("Tech Tips," aw *33) was useful but required additional switches and wiring, and you also have to take one hand off the work to trip the switch—a potential safety hazard. A better solution is to modify the existing switch so it can be operated by foot. Hinge a piece of 1x4, position a block to connect with the off switch and you're in business.

George Weber Magalia, CA

pressure by changing where you place the rubber band and how many times you wrap it around the sticks.

Jim Titc Fayetteville, AR


Know a better way of doing something? Designed a clever jig? Send your woodworking tips, plus a sketch or a snapshot to: "Tech Tips," American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St.. Emmaus, PA 18098. We'll pay $50 for each tip we publish and $200 for the best tip of the issue.

Drill lVWn.-dia. hole for access to "on" button.

Model-Maker's Clamp

This light-duty clamp is ideal for model makers. All you need arc some 5-in. wooden tongue depressors or popsicle sticks, a rubber band, and a piece of dowel rod. You can vary the

Glue dowel to only one stick.

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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