a s panly because, unlike most other saws, you track all blades that are more than in. wide by just extending the blade teeth over the front edge of the saw's flat wheels. That means blade teeth always ride in the same place in the saw's wooden guide blocks, so you only need to adjust them for wear. The Kity also has just one thrust bearing to adjust Con top). But we didn't find that the lack of a lower thrust bearing affected the cut, even during thick resawing.

Ball-bearing guides (see photo, right), as a rule, were fussier to set than solid metal, wood or plastic guide blocks. For most cutting. ball-bearing guides and solid guides perform equally well. But with ball-bearing guides there's less friction on cuts that side load the blade.

after we eliminated excessive play by replacing the cover that held the post in the saw frame). But the round, keyed guides on the Jet and Delta 14-in. saws were also verv solid.

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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