Veritas Deluxe Bench Holddown

Veritas Tools Inc. (800) 867-2986

Circle #608

Mounts In a/+4n. hole In benchtop.

Ust Price: $49.95

When Veritas Tools designs a product it likes to improve on what's already on the market, and its hold-down is no exception. This steel and aluminum alloy hold-down works much like the Record version docs—it has a traditional hold-down body with an adjustable lever arm. But unlike the Record, you can mount the Veritas in a simple V^in.-dia. dog hole, so it's easy to move around the bench.

This hold-down is easy to adjust, but I found it difficult to apply heavy clamping pressure because the sharp-edged brass knob was hard to grip.

Bottom Line

The Veritas hold-down is a good choice for flat or square workpieces of any size. It resists shock as well as lateral pressure, but it gives way under heavy rotational pressure. It requires less clearance below the benchtop than the other hold-downs that arc based on the traditional design.

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