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"Quality Sanding Products for the ProfessionalM

Or How Does A Simple Idea Grow Into A Catalog?

Klingspor's Sanding Catalogue came about in early 1989. Having manufactured the highest quality abrasives since 1893. Klingspor Abrasives found a way to offer die woodworking hobbyist the same products the largest furniture manufacturers in the world use—truly industrial grade materials.

A simple Bargain Box" got the whole idea in motion. Twenty pounds of sanding materials left over from our automated manufacturing systems were packed into a box and sold at the unbelievable price of only $29.00 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)! Some of the more daring woodworkers out there, not knowing what they were getting into, gave this deal a irv. In no time, the word was getting out thai no other sanding materials compared to the ones

$29 Bargain Box

Choose an y combination of coarse, medium or fine Rril offered in ihe Bargain Box. One thing lead to another and a small catalog was born Most of you have probably seen, heard of or even ordered from offered: lV{ x 16\ 3" x 18". 3" x 21". 3' x 24", 4" x 21" and 4" x 24" (the 4" wide belts have 30 per box) and the l>est pan is you choose the grits. Extra coarse, coarse, medium, medium-fine, fine and extra-fine grits make this a no-lose situation. There are six bells in each grit pack (five in the 4" wide belts); you choose six of the packs in any combination and you've goi your Box of Belts.

If you haven't tried Klingspor's Sanding products, order one of the bargains and get the value you deserve. Or if vou'd rather see the

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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