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Q. I love building reproduction furniture, but I'm having trouble getting the details right, Where can I go for help?

Charles Scott Shelbyville, KY

A. Bona fide measured drawings are hard to find, so your best bet is to contact professional woodworkers in the reproduction business. There's a group called the Society of Period Furniture Makers ( that may be just what you're looking for, Don't be put off by the title; this is a bunch of folks that welcome woodworkers of all abilities. Membership is $35 a year. Once a member, you can post questions through their Web site with some confidence that you'll get a reliable answer.

In addition to the Web site, this organization sponsors an annual conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, publishes a newsletter and holds summer workshop programs.

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Longer-Lasting Steel Wool

It's always bugged me that steel wool pads don't last longer. Each pad is made of thousands of sharp-edged steel strands. The problem is, they're packed together so tightly they clog up l ight away and most of them never get used.

I'm a die-hard tightwad, so I came up with this trick to extend the life of my steel wool. I unroll each pad and shape it into a fluffy ball before 1 use it. As the ball gets flattened, I stop and gently pull it back apart. Re-fluffing exposes new sharp edges and releases wood dust and broken-off bits of worn-out steel wool.

Denny Sutten Wilmington, NC

American Woodworker AUGUST2001 21

Save Up To 50% On Home Heating Cost

And never have to buy fuel-wood, oil gas, kerosene— ever again,


Hydro-Sil is o unique room heating system that can save you hundreds of dollars in home heating costs.

it can replace or supplement your electric heat, oil or gas furnace, kerosene heaters and woodstoves. Hydro-Sil is designed for whole house or individual room comfort, Hydro-Sil heating workslike this; inside theheater cose is a sealed copper tube filled with a harmless silicone fluid that will never spill, leak, boll or freeze. It's permanent. You'll never run out. Running through the liquid is a variable watt hydroelectric element that is only being supplied a proportional amount of power on an as-needed basis. When the thermostat is turned on, the silicone liquid Is quickly heated, and with its heat retention qualities, continues to heat after the Hydro element shuts oft, saving you money. This exclusive technology greatly increases energy savings and comfort,

Your benefits with Hydro-Sil

• Lifetime Warranty - no service calls

• Safe for children & furniture

• Preassembled - ready to use

• Portable (11QV) orpermanent(220V)

• Whole House Heating orSingle Room

• Room by Room Control lifetime warranty



Save with Hydro-Sil: Many families are benefitting — you can too!

• Consumer Digest: Buying Guide rates Hydro-Sil "Best Buy" for heating— a product that offers outstanding value for its price.

• Grant M. (Accountant): "With no insulation or storm windows, I saved 51% when changing from oil to Hydro-Sii."

• William C, (General Contractor): "I replaced electric heat with Hydro-Sii. I am pleased to report that your units have provided comfort, safety, and considerable savings on electricity."

• R. Hanson: "I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Hydro-Sil, First time In 25 years our electric bill was reduced - Saved $635 - over 40%!"

220 Voit Permanent

Approx. Area To Heat

Discount Price


8' 2000 watts

300 so. ft.


6' 1500 watts

250 sa. ft.


5'1250 watts

200 sq.ft.


4' 1000 watts

150 sq, ft,


3' 750 watts

100 sq. ft.


2' 500 watts

75 sq, ft,


Thermostats - CALL for options

Portables H10V) Thermostat Inc


5' Hvdro-Max 750-1500 watts


4' Convector - Dual watt


3' 750 watts - Silicone


S shippinn per heater S Total Amount $


You Can Do Something About the High Cost of Winter Heating

Order by Phone or Mail, Credit Card or Check • MasterCard-VISA address-

1-800-627-9276 exp.datc MAIL TO: HYDRO-SIL, PO BOX 662, FORT MILL, SC 29715


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