Fasten Solid Wood to Plywood

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A solid top is a great way to dress cabinet is assembled, rlup a plywood case. But Setting the fence on your plate joiner correctly usually combining two different materials requires a couple of test cuts before you hit the right slot can be just asking for trouble. As you location. Adjust your plate joiner to make a #20-size slot, know, solid wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Plywood doesn't. If they're fastened rigidly to each other, the solid top will crack.

Tabletop mounting clamps allow a solid top to move without cracking (see Sources, page 110). They swivel in slots on the sides of the case as the top expands and contracts. They move in and out of slots on the back of the case. For the clamping action to work, the slot must be positioned so the clamps are compressed when you screw them in place.

How does your plate joiner fit in? It's the perfect tool to cut the slots for these fasteners. It's faster than setting up a router with a fence, and handier than using a router table. With a

plate joiner, you can cut the slots after the Use your plate joiner to cut slots for tabletop mounting clamps.

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