Pipe Clamp Stand

As most woodworkers know, work-ing with pipe clamps can cause some frustration. They don't offer much clearance for the handles, and they easily tip over if you're not care-ful. So I built my own clamp stands to solve these problems (see photo at right).

What makes these stands so handy is that they're wider than most clamp stands I've seen. The wider stance makes them less likely to roll over. Another benefit is that by using U-bolts, the stands can be attached and removed easily without having to take the clamp apart.

Made from a 2x4, the raised center of the stand supports the pipe without interfering with the clamp head. It also allows me to tighten the pipe to the stand, stabilizing everything while I work with the clamps. I simply rabbeted the sides to raise the center.

These solid stands make using my pipe clamps much easier.

John Ewert Sequim, Washington

Drill dia. counterbore Vi" deep

Rabbet x

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