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That's right, send us your shop tips. If your tip or technique is selected as the featured reader's tip, you'll win a Porter-Cable variable speed router just like the one shown here. Send your tips and techniques to: Woodsmith, Hps and Techniques, 2200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312. Or send us an email message at: [email protected].

Quick T\pe


I used to have a problem with glue sticking to clamp pads or backer boards getting stuck to a joint. I fixed that by using the clear plastic strips found in new shirt collars. I cut them into strips and put them between the project and the clamps. The strips can be used several times before discarding.

Jim Buske Rocktcm, Illinois


I use three-ring binders as hangers in my shop. I drill out the rivets that hold the worn-out notebook covers on and replace them with wood screws to mount the snap rings horizontally on the wall.

Now, I have a handy way to hang box-end wrenches or tools with holes in the handles. I can even punch holes in plans and hang them from the wall. And when the rings are snapped shut, everything stays put.

Curtis Brainaril Glendora, California


Worn-out sanding sponges make great glue or stain spreaders. I cut them to the size and shape for the job I have. And when I'm finished, there's no cleanup. I just let them dry out and throw them away.

Mel Cochran San Antonio, Texas

The Winner!

Congratulations to John Ewert of Sequim, Washington. His pipe clamp stand design was selected as the winner of the Porter-Cable router. His stands raise clamps for better handle clearance as well as provide more stability.

To find out how you could win a Porter-Cable variable speed router, check out the information on the left.

Blocks cut from "two-by" stock

Blocks cut from "two-by" stock

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