Tinkerer at work.

Morgan jigs up for precision drilling in his one-room shop.

The Moving Work of John Morgan ohn Morgan's work combines the varied interests of the social commentator, watchmaker, and mad scientist. Precision-cut pieces are fitted together, then brought to "life" via wooden cranks and gears, or electric lights and motors. Morgan's movable sculptures, which are known as automata, have been shown as far away as England and . As a professor ol illustration and graphic design at Auburn University in Alabama, Morgan is more accustomed to working in two-dimensional media. When asked about his obsession with three-dimensional work that pokes fun at animals—human and otherwise—the teacher smiles: "It's really my reminder to keep life in its proper perspective."

^ "Night Life, Armadillo" nightlight

Hardboard, plywood, Plexiglas, enamel paint, lights, and photocell W: 12V2 in. D: 4 in. H: 103/4 in.

4*Jabberwodf" nightlight

Pine, maple, enamel paint, copper tubing, found table leg, and truc k cab lights W: 20 in. D: 10V2 in. H:33V2 in.

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