Keeping It Clean

Single or double, your bird-house will require a small amount of annual home maintenance. In the fall, clean it out! Remove all twigs, feathers, and debris left behind by last year's tenants. In the spring, clean with soap and water, and pour boiling water over all surfaces to kill any parasites that might be claiming squatters' rights.

Cutting Out the Pieces

Clamp the board down so that the right-hand end extends beyond your work surface. Use a jigsaw or handsaw to cut along the two angled lines of the gabled front piece.

Turn the board around and make the angled cuts for the gabled back piece. Then make the two crosscuts along the lines in the center of the board (at 9 and 18 inches). Note: Do not cut along the two layout lines at either end of the board! T hese are only for marking Lhe ends of the gables.

On the length of clapboard, measure and square lines to make two 9-inch-long pieces for the birdhouse sides and two 10-inch-long pieces for the roof. Cut them to length and set them aside.

On the birdhouse bottom, mark a point in each corner, about 1 inch in from the closest side and about % inch in from the closest end.

IO. Put the countersink bit in the drill chuck and use it to drill a hole at each of die four spots you've marked on the birdhouse bottom.

Single Birdhouse

aligning the walls with the floor

Putting It All Together

Set the front and the back on edge on tire work surface, with their peaks pointing away from you. Place the birdhouse bottom on edge against the bottom edges of the front and back, with the countersunk holes facing you.

11 Align the end of the bottom with the face of the front and drive two 1%-inch drywall screws through the holes and into the front piece. Repeat the process to align and fasten the bottom to the back.

With the assembly still lying on its side, place one of the 9-inch pieces of clapboard against the side of the birdhouse, with its thick edge at the bottom. Using two or three brads on each end, nail the clapboard to the front and back of the birdhouse. Do not nail the clapboard to the bottom piece!

Turn the birdhouse over and nail the other 9-inch length of clapboard on the opposite side in the same way.

Set the house upright and place one of the 10-inch clapboard roof pieces on top of the walls, with its thin edge at the peak. The clapboard will hang over the ends of the walls by about half an inch. Nail the roof piece in place by driving two brads through the roof into the front and back pieces.

Place the second roof piece with its thin edge flush to the top surface of the first roof piece. Drive two brads through each end of the roof into the front and back of the birdhouse.

Finishing Touches

To finish the birdhouse with a perch and coat of paint, see steps 19 through 22 for the Twin Birdhouse (page 51).

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