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Top Quality Guaranteed Lumber Turning Squares Rough Or Surfaced

FANTASTIC INVENTORY-Logs, lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog 2.00. GILMER WOOD CO., 2211 NW St Helens Road, Portland, OR 97210. (503) 274-1271. SAWMILL DIRECT-100 Legal cocobolo bocote from managed forest Largest inventory in the US. Large list of squares, lumber, logs, turning stock. ALSO Ebony, tulipwood, ziri-cole, lignum vitae, pink ivory, snakewood and more. Used woodturning lathes. S.A.S.E TROPICAL EXOTIC HARDWOODS, Box 1806, Carlsbad, CA 92018 (619) 434-3090. Visa MC.

Freestanding Lumber And Plywood Rack

Strong and inexpensive to make, it holds hundreds of board feet of lumber and as many as nine sheets of 4-in.-thick plywood. I use two of these modules (see drawing) to provide uniform support for lumber up to about 10 ft. long. You can add another module or two to extend the rack's length. Choose kiln-dried, straight-grained 2x4s for your posts. A rack that twists as it dries won't keep your lumber flat. And wet lumber doesn't glue well cither. If there is one problem common to all woodshops, it's lumber storage. If you're not careful, the volume of raw materials for your projects can grow to epidemic proportions. Lumber and sheet goods demand ingenuity. They need to be out of the way yet accessible, and they need to be protected from warping caused by careless stacking and uneven support. If you want to keep your lumber flat and straight, you have to stack it that way and keep it off of cold, moist floors. Sheet goods are especially prone to warping if...

Urn unused space above your bead into storage for your lumber supply Xh a three easy racks youll be able lo slore even

Setting Lap Joists

About once a month or so. 1 have to take a full day lo clean up and organize my workshop. It's usually rhe day after I've had trouble finding a particular tool (like my tabic saw) because ir's buried under piles oi lumber aud cutoffs. In a small shop, one of the reasons a mess starts lo accumulate is bccause there is so little storage space particularly for lumber. Most of my wall and floor space is already spoken for. As I mulled over the problem. 1 realized that just like a crowded city, sometimes the only way to go is up. space is available right above your head. This collection of simple racks is designed to hold your lumber in the space you aren't using above tools, your bench or anywhere else. And you can probably have all three built in an afternoon or evening. lumber rack. Ihe first rack 1 built consisted of two pieces that looked like a couple of upside-down Fs (lower portion of photo). 'I his rack is designed to hold longer lengths of lumber. (It's where I usually store my...

Master The Art Of Finding Great Lumber

Whether you want to purchase wood more wisely at the lumberyard or save money by harvesting it yourself. Getting the Most from your Wood-Buying Bucks is a must-have guide. It includes everything you need to know about finding, cutting and drying lumber from trees and logs. You'll also learn how to read rough kiln-dried lumber, so you can choose boards with the most promise and know how to use the ones that aren't perfect. You'll learn how to work with specialty woods, such as bird's eye maple. There's even a section devoted to finishing. When it comes to buying and using lumber, this book has it all

Guidelines For Storing Lumber

This is much like the problem of bringing wood home from the lumber yard and starting to work with it right away. Sometimes conditions in the lumber yard are very different from your shop. No matter where you get your lumber, it's always best to let it adjust to the conditions of your shop for several days before working with it. lumber racks. If you're going to build a wall rack that stores lumber horizontally, or stack lumber on blocks on the floor, be sure the boards are well-supported along their length. To prevent boards from distorting from the weight of wood piled on top. I'd recommend that you space brackets or supports no more than 32 apart.

Hardwood Lumber Grades

Hardwood lumber is graded using a different classification system than softwoods. Grades are based on the percentage of clear face cuts that can be made around a board's defects (knots, splits, pitch pockets, and so forth. From highest grade (clearest) to lowest (most allowable detects , the grades are Choose the lumber grade that best suits the needs of your project parts and your budget It could be that a Common grade will provide all the knot-free lumber you need at a significant savings over FAS. Large retail lumher outlets and home centers make shopping for lumber easy. Most of the lumber you'll find is fully surfaced and ready for building. Soma larger home centers even stock lumber inside where it's kept warm and dry. The downside to all of this convenience is that species options are limited, especially for hardwoods. Large retail lumher outlets and home centers make shopping for lumber easy. Most of the lumber you'll find is fully surfaced and ready for building. Soma larger...

Hardwood lumber sizes

While nominal dimensions are widely used for selling softwoods, some retailers have extended the practice to hardwood boards as well. Your local home center probably stocks a few species of hardwoods, like oak, maple and cherry. These boards generally are planed to A in. thick, jointed flat on the edges and cut to standard widths and lengths. Within the lumber industry, lumber of this sort is categorized as S4S , which stands for Surfaced Four Sides. All of tliis surface preparation at the mill translates to higher prices for you, but it may make the most sense to buy S4S lumber if you don't own a tliickness planer or jointer to prepare board surfaces yourself To find specialty or thicker ha rd woods, you'll need to shop at a traditional lumberyard. A good lumberyard will ofier a wide selection of hardwoods ill random widths and in an assortment of thicknesses and grades (See Hardwood Lumber Grades, below), in addition to S4S you'll find S2S lumber (planed smooth on two faces but the...


Buy from a 18 direct importer and save save save Circle Finest quality exotic wtxxls lumber, 22 turni ng squares and cants. Custom sawing available. Free brochure. Page STEVE WALL LUMBER Quality 20 hardwoods and machinery for the Circle craftsman and educational institutes. I q-j Our catalog lists over 30 domestic and exotic woods phis plywood. We ship worldwide. 1.00.

From Log To Lumber

Cut lumber on site with the Alaskan MK ill beams, boards, siding and custom cuts. Put this versatile power-feed tool to work in your own shop. See how fast it pays for itself Quickly converts low-cost rough lumber into valuable finished stock, quarter-round, casing, base mold, tongue & groove . .all popular patterns even custom designs

Buying lumber

It's important to know your options finr whore to shop lor wood. Chain home improvement stores generally offer a basic variety of framing lumber and nominal softwood hut very little hardwood. What they do cany is often priced lower than specialty yard stock, but the grades and dimensions are limited. Here are a couple of other options to consider Contractor yards, where framing and finish carpenters buy their materials, usually offer a w ider array of lumber options, including an assortment of mfllwork products and custom moldings. Often they can special-order materials that the chain stores simply can't supply. The quality of the stock here is better, and the prices reflect the quality you'll find.

Reclaimed lumber

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about reclaimed lumber. Most reclaimed lumber Is salvaged from the beams and timbers of old buildings, and some is recovered from the chilly depths of the Great Lakes. Such lumber was cuiled from virgin forests a century or more ago, and It is generally very straight-grained and true. It Is also extremely seasoned only large swings In temperature or humidity seem to affect it Reclaimed lumber Is generally a great product, and numerous mills advertise on the internet The price may be high, however, especially for premium cuts and grades. Buying reclaimed lumber is by no means your only source for obtaining it. Before you toss an old piece of furniture or dispose of boards and trim from a big remodeling protect, consider reusing the lumber for woodworking. Sometimes all it needs is to be stripped, sanded or run through a planer. Visually inspect any reclaimed lumber carefully or check it with a metal detector before passing It through a saw...

Lumber Rack

Lumber Rack Plans

This lumber rack is a space-saving storage system that protects yet provides access to long boards, cutoffs, and plywood. You can also add a convenient bin for sheet goods. hen it comes to lumber, I'm like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. Whether it's a long board, a short cutoff, or a piece of hardwood plywood that's too valuable to throw away, it's all saved for a project I'm going to build someday. To get my lumber and plywood off the floor, I built a simple rack. It provides plenty of storage, but the best thing about it is it organizes and pro materials. I used standard construction grade Douglas fir for the frame of the lumber rack. For the bin, shelves, stretchers, and kickplate, I used W fir plywood. Finally, the edging strips were cut from 1x6 pine. The backbone of the lumber storage rack is a 2x4 stud wall that supports the pipes. You can build a separate frame for this wall. Or, you can drill holes for the pipes in an existing stud wall (see box below). (This is not...

Lumber Siding

Lumber siding should be sound and free of knot holes, loose knots, checks or splits. Easy working qualities and freedom from warp are desirable features. The species most commonly used are cedars, pines and redwood. It has also become more common to use pressure-treated lumber for siding. Pressure-treated siding may be manufactured from pine or other species. The moisture content of the siding at the time of application should be the same as it will experi- Bevel and drop siding should be face-nailed to lumber sheathing or studs. The size of the nail depends on the thickness of the siding and the type of sheathing used. One method of nailing often used is to drive the nail through the siding just above the lap so that the nail misses the top edge of Vertical Application. Lumber siding that can be applied vertically includes plain matched boards patterned matched boards square-edge boards covered at the joints with a batten strip, or square-edge boards spaced apart and covered with...

Lumber Grades

Each piece of lumber is examined and assigned a grade depending on its physical characteristics. In addition to visually graded lumber, machine-stress-rated (MSR) lumber is available in Canada. MSR lumber is identified in grade stamps by its structural properties and, for most wood-frame construction purposes, is independent of species. Many softwood lumber species in Canada are harvested, milled and marketed together. Those having similar properties that enables them to be used together easily are combined into a single-species combination and marketed under a group designation. The Canadian commercial species combinations and their characteristics are shown in Table 9. The top grade is Select Structural, which is used only where high strength, stiffness and good appearance are required. Lumber marked No. 1 grade often contains some Tests have shown that No. i and No. 2 grades of lumber have the same strength. These grades are popular for most general construction uses. No. 3 grade...

Defectfree Drying

As soon as logs have been trimmed and cut to length, coat all end-grain surfaces with a wax-emulsion end sealer such as Anchorseal. (See Sources.) You can brush it on in the woods and it will help protect against end checking right on through sawing and drv ing. (Oil-based paint is better than no sealer at all.) If you buy logs that haven't been end sealed you should seal them immediately. Prompt and proper end sealing is by far the most cost-effective (and most neglected) step you can lake to ensure thai vou'll end up with high-quality lumber. Surface checks are cracks that develop when the surface of the board shrinks faster than the interior. Protect sawn boards from surface checking by keeping them out of direct sunlight and by following recommended kiln schedules if you dry your lumber with heat or dehumidification.

Drying Your Own Wood

BEST Bufld stack entirely from one length oi lumber OR butt shorter lengths to length of stack. Stkkered lumber under cover. Note the lack of a ground-moisture barrier and the wfcMy spaced supports and Irregular stickers, an invitation to warping. Stickers should fine up directly over supports spaced every 16 in. along the length of the lumber.


Grade sawing is the most common commercial sawing technique in America. When grade sawing a log, the sawyer saws from the best face of the log until he uncovers defects inside the log. As the sawyer finds imperfections, he rotates the log to a better face and continues to saw and rotate the log so that he is always sawing from the best face. Manv sawvers firmly believe that this method produces the maximum amount of high-grade lumber. (More on that subject in a bit.) Virtually all grade-sawn lumber is flat grain. Live sawing is more common in Europe than here. When live sawing a log, the sawyer saws from one face to near the center of the log, then he rotates the log 180 and saws the rest. The result is wide boards with a mixture of flat-grain and edge-grain lumber. In Europe, and increasingly in this country, lumber from a live-sawn log is left wanev (not edged) and is stacked together as a unit by reassembling the log with stickers between the boards. A live-sawn log kept as a unit...

Top Quality Guaranteed Lumer Turning Squares Rough Or Surfaced

Lumber Company, One. l*re nth the availability of harmoniously harvested trmiical hardwood from the South Sea Republle of Fyi. Tree selected by indigenoun eoi le*, Lumber Company, One. l*re nth the availability of harmoniously harvested trmiical hardwood from the South Sea Republle of Fyi. Tree selected by indigenoun eoi le*, SAWMILL DIRECT 100 Legal cocobolo bocotc from managed forest. Largest inventory in the U.S. Large list of squares, lumber, lt gs, turning stock. ALSO Ebony, tulipwood. ziricotc, lignum vitac, pink ivory, snakewood and more. Used woodturning lathes. S.A.S.E TROPICAL EXOTIC HARDWOODS, Box 1806. Carlsbad, CA 92018. (619) 434-3030. Visa MC. WIDE QUARTERSAWN While & red oak. lumber & flooring. Plus figured lumber. TALARICO HARDWOODS. RD*3. Box 3268, Mohnton, PA 19540. (215)7750400.

Chamfers Stop At Arm Joint

Lumber and Tools boards with straight grain. Each chair requires about 35 bd. ft. of lumber. We paid 160 per chair for our rough-sawn stock. This project also requires a table-saw and bandsaw, a drill press with a sanding drum and a router table. You'll need 3 8-in. and 1 2-in. straight bits for mortising, a 2-in. flush-trim bit, a 1 4-in. round-over bit and a chamfering bit (see Sources, page 87). A jointer and planer are recommended, but not essential. You can have your stock milled to thickness at the lumberyard.

Combating Wood Movement

Dimensioning your lumber will be a waste of time if the wood moves after your milling is done. Here are some quick tips to reduce wood movement Choose your truest boards for the longest parts of your project, and use short, narrow or severely warped lumber for smaller furniture pieces. If you can, mill only what lumber you'll use within a few days. If you can't work straight through a project, stack milled parts on a flat surface and sticker the pile to promote even air circulation. Weight down the stack if the parts are under in. thick to keep things flat. You can also cover parts in plastic wrap. I use a wrap similar to the kind used for wrapping pallet goods available from Nifty Products. 4 Jocama Blvd Old Bridge. NJ 08857. 800631-2172) to prevent changes in moisture content. LB. Now that your lumber is fiat and true, cut your joints and assemble your furniture. You'll be proud of the result. A

Modular Stacked Racks

Yeung Chan uses leg-and-beam assemblies to create platforms for storing lumber. Y cung Chan's shop in northern California is compact, and space is at a premium. He designed these .small particle-board modules for stacking lumber wherever he finds room. The modules are topped with -V4-in.-thick plywood or parti-clcboard, creating table-like platforms. The lower modules bridge a stack of lumber on the floor. The wide beams solidly carry the weight of the loaded upper modules. The H-beams on the upper modules provide two sections for organizing lumber. For added stability on high Stacks, the legs of the modules can be screwed to wall studs.

Quality Northern Appalachian Hardwood

INC 47 Elm Street. East Aurora. NY 14052. (800) 274-0397. GABON EBONY BILLETS, lumber & FANTASTIC INVENTORY Logs, lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog 2.00. GILMER WOOD CO., 2211 NW St. Helens Road. Portland. OR 97210. (503) 274-1271. TURNING BLOCKS Squares burls slabs & veneers. 60+ Species. Imported & domestic hardwoods. WOODPLY LUMBER-A5. 100 Bennington Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. (800) 354-9

Sources For Specialty Wood In Southeastern Pennsylvania

West Chester, PA (610) 793-1380 Fax (610) 793-0224 Circle U603 In business since 1978 Principle domestic hardwoods wide cherry boards, other figured hardwoods Exotic hardwood specialties mahogany crotch lumber, extra-wide mahogany The curly cherry I ordered from Sandy Pond arrived in good shape. Boards were well-matched for making a table-top, as 1 instructed. Likewise, the butternut shipped to me by Groff & Hearne arrived clear, straight and uniformly thick. It's a good thing my workshop has such limited space for lumber storage. Otherwise, the lure of beautiful boards could lead to lethal hits on my credit card. A

Calculating Board Feet

Hardwood lumber Is sold at most lumberyards by the board foot, which can make calculating the amount of lumber you need a little confusing. The three boards below, for Instance, all equal 2 board feet, though their physical dimensions are quite different A board foot is actually V12 of a cubic foot of rough lumber, or 144 cubic inches. It is the equivalent of a piece of stock that Is 12 In. wide, 12 in. long and 1 In. thick But any combination of dimensions that multiplies to 144 Is equivalent to one board foot. To calculate the number of board feet a piece of (umber contains, its thickness times Its width times its length (all In Inches) then divide by 144. If one dimension Is easier to calculate In feet rather than Inches, divide by 12 instead. When calculating board feet, don't forget to build some waste into the project estimate. The pros generally count on close to 30 when they're buying S2S stock, and 40 with roughsawn lumber (mostly because they can't see the defects until...

Absolute Precision Ano Control

Plain & Figured Cherry from 4 4 to 16 4 Alst) Premium Walnut, figured Maples & a large variety of exceptionally fine domestic & imported lumber including free form slabs, turning blanks, burls. & Instrument grade lumber. 200 Whiteside Drive. Oxford. PA 19363 Toll Free 888-814-0007 Fax 610-932-3130

Circle No On Product Information Form

I'm planning to harvest some red oak trees this spring, saw them up myself, and store the lumber in my basement. But I've heard that you shouldn't cut trees for lumber once the sap has risen in early spring. Is this true For best results, stickcr the lumber carefully. To help prevent chccking and warping, it's best to sticker the lumber outdoors for a while. Find a flat place and lay down a sheet of 6-mil polyethylene. Put down a row of 4x4s 18 in. apart. Then put down your first layer of lumber. (All your lumber will run pcr-pcndicular to the 4x4s.) Between cach layer of lumber, place Vif-in-thick lath strips at the exact same intervals as the 4x4s no farther apart. To prevent sagging and warping, each lath strip should fall in a vertical line with the strip in the layer below it. Also leave about V in. of air space between the edges and ends of the boards, so air can circulate freely. Put corrugated rcxjfing on top of the pile to deflect rain and snow, and weight it down so it can't...

Stcklcs Avwwridgcmtcan Ll S

WIDE QUARTERSAWN White & red oak, lumber & flooring. Plus figured lumber. TALARICO HARDWOODS, RD 3, Box 3268, Mohnton, R 19540. (216) 7754)400. 20BF BULK PACKS of selected lumber Chenry 2.15 bf, Red elm 11.55 bf, 1 2* Red oak 2.15 sqft Additional species. FREE catalog Visa MasterCard. BADGER HARDWOODS OF WISCONSIN LTD., North 1517 Hwy 14, Suite AW13, Walworth, WI 53184. (800) 252-2373.

You Can Find Treasure Boards In No I Common

No. 1 Common lumber often contains striking grain and figure patterns that are usually absent in the select grades. That's because these abnormalities When you look at a chart of the various lumber grades (Fig. A, page 42), No. 1 Common appears to be a fuil step lower than Selects and Better. But look closely the difference is really only a half step.

Circle No On Proouct Information F


Circle No On Product Wforwtcn Form

An RBI woodplaner starts paying for itself. With lumber prices increasing, you'll convert low-cost rough lumber into high-value finished stock. RBI Woodplaners Make You Money Just Imagine turning 5 worth of lumber into molding worth 100 in just minutes In just one pass you'll turn out quarter round, d(x r and window stops, casings, tongue and groove, picture frames -hundreds of popular patterns or we'll grind custom knives for you. supply cabinet shops, carpenters, remodelers, contractors, lumberyards, and hobbyists with their millwork needs. Plus, you can supply picture frame molding to art stores and frame shops. Change from Planer, to Molder, to Sander, to Sawr in just minutes Quick cliange over from one function to the next. Each head comes with its own bearing assembly giving you longer life and durability. Hie Planer, Sander, Molder, and Gang-Rip functions produce curved or straight molding, eliminate tedious hand sanding, gang-rip lumber and plane wood to a silky smooth finish....

Circle No Acn Prccuct Information Form

Like Having A Lumberyard Right in Your Shop Put this vcrsitle power-feed tool to work in your own shop. See how last it pays for itself Quickly converts low-cost rough lumber into valuable finished stock, quarter-round, casing, base mold, tongue & groove all popular patterns even custom designs

Healthy Housing Insight

Use kiln-dried lumber and store it properly to reduce warped and twisted pieces. Order lumber for lintels that is a multiple of the lintel length. (A 4 ft. 6 in. Cl.5 m- lintel using two members is more economically created with a 10 ft. (3.3 ni) length, rather than cutting from two 8 ft. (2.6 m) lengths). Cut all lumber in one location to make best use of end cuts. _____ by wall plates (as in platform framing), fire stops are required at floor and ceiling levels to eliminate continuous passages in the wall and thus resist the spread of fire. Lumber block

Then Add These Blocks

I GLUE UP 8 4 lumber to make the column. A cavity runs down the middle for a threaded rod that holds the table together. Blocks at the ends of the cavity will be used to mount the column on the lathe. I GLUE UP 8 4 lumber to make the column. A cavity runs down the middle for a threaded rod that holds the table together. Blocks at the ends of the cavity will be used to mount the column on the lathe.

No I Common Is Great For Furniture

It costs a lot less than the higher grades because the boards are smaller and they've got some knots and other defects. They also contain a lot of perfectly clear material. You just have to be willing to buy a little extra stock and spend some time working with it. It can be a challenge to figure out how to harvest the pieces you need, but it's also enjoyable and rewarding when you do. No. 1 Common lumber is well suited to furniture making. It's an economical

Online With The Forest Industry

ForestNet is a new online computer service for the forest products industry. Users worldwide can exchange information on product markets, lumber prices, industry news and related topics. ForestNet puts you in contact with forest managers, lumberyards, woodland users, loggers, importers, exporters and more. There is also a database for new and used equipment.

Clear Cuttings In A Typical No Common Board

Moisture can wreak havoc on surfaced stock, and that's a good reason not to buy lumber that way. Wall said some of his customers have been especially discouraged with surfaced stock-after seeing how much a species like oak moves and twists shortly after thev get the lumber to their shops.

Suspended Shelf Racks

Lohr often stores flitches of veneer on these shelves, weighing them down with a heavy plank. Being near the ceiling helps keep the veneer dry. If there is access from the end, you can also store long lumber on the shelves. Lohr hangs clamps on the front edge of the lower shelf.

Hardwoods Cut To Order

SAWMILL DIRECT Cocobolo Sale. 12 inch long lumber S10 bd ft. 250 bd ft. F.E.Q. RWl. 7.50 bd ft. Select Ebony Billets 3 lb. (Quality at a lair price. SAS.L Tropical F.xoiic Flardwoods. P.O. Box 1806, Carlsbad. CA 92018. Toll-Frce orders only (888) 434-3031. Questions (760) 434-3030. Mitch Talcove FANTASTIC INVENTORY Log , lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog S2.00. Gilmer Wood Company, 2211 NW St. Helens Road. Portland. OR 97210. (503) 274-1271. OLD GROWTH QUARTERSAWN WHITE & RED OAK. Wide Quarter-sawn & curly Sycamore. Precision sawn lumber and book-matched flitches. Talarico Hardwoods. RI) 3. Box 3268. Mohnton. PA 19540 (610) 775-0400. VISA MC

Getting Off To A Good Start

You'll need a biscuit joiner, a tablesaw set, a router with a 3 8-in. rabbeting bit and a jigsaw to complete this project. With the exception of the drawer bottoms and back, the whole cabinet is made of solid cherry. One of the tricks to using cherry is to be fussy about your lumber. The color of cherry can vary greatly (that's why it's often stained dark by manufacturers). Select boards with uniform color or ask that the wood you order come from a single tree.

Protection And Care Of Materials On The Building Site

In the normal staging of construction, the framing lumber and sheathing materials are delivered to the job after the foundation is complete. Structural and framing materials in place before the house is enclosed will be subject to wetting during rainstorms, but the moisture is mostly on the exposed surfaces and can dry out quickly in subsequent dry weather without causing damage. Lumber stored in close piles, however, may soak up and retain water, causing very slow drying out. This condition should be avoided because it may lead to staining and decay. Piles of lumber should be placed on skids raised off the ground and covered with sheets of waterproof material to shed water. Sheets of polyethylene may also be placed on the ground, under the skids to prevent ground moisture from wetting the lumber.

Locating Sheet Rock Screws

We assumed that most lumber yards that stocked sheet rock (dry wall) would also carry sheet rock screws. But after calling several yards in our area, we found that only a few yards stocked the screws. We were told that the distributors of sheet rock are usually the only firms that stock sheet rock screws. In our area, the distributors of sheet rock were found by looking in the Yellow Pages of the phone book under Dry Wall Contractors' Equipment and Supplies.

Daytripper Chair Stepbystep

PHOTO A Create seat and bach support templates from hardboard, and use these templates to draw the profiles on the back and seat support workpieces (use treated lumber, not plywood as shown). Cut out the parts with a jig saw. PHOTO A Create seat and bach support templates from hardboard, and use these templates to draw the profiles on the back and seat support workpieces (use treated lumber, not plywood as shown). Cut out the parts with a jig saw.

American Woodworker A February

The trunk is often clear of branches up to 50 ft., providing long lengths of knot-free lumber. Purplchcart is heavy and dense and requires sharp cuttcrs and knives. The wood blunts cutting edges quickly, so using carbide tools is highly recommended. It's best to feed the lumber

Sawmill Direct Cocobolo Sale

Cocobolo 12 long lumber 10.00 bf. 250 bf. F.E.Q. RWL 7.50 bf. Select Ebony Billets g 3.00 Ib. Chac Tc Koke Shorts V 4.75 bf. FOB Carlsbad. CA. Quality at a fair price. S.A.S.E. Tropical Exotic Hardwoods. P.O. Box 1806. Carl,had. CA 92018. Toll-Fret Order, (888) 434-3031. Questions (760) 434-3030 Mitch Talcove.

Adjustment Holes For

On several occasions, I have come across delaminated plywood or fractured lumber that 1 need to glue closed. Getting glue into these tight cracks can be difficult, but I discovered that using an old scroll saw blade works well. I hold the crack open with a screwdriver, and work the blade back and forth. The dulled teeth carry glue into the crack, and the blade is flexible enough to bend through the cut M

Edge Band The Plywood

Edge banding covers the edges of plywood and makes the panels look almost like solid-wood planks. Make the 1 4-in.-thick edge banding by resawing 3 4-in. thick by 1-3 4-in.-wide lumber in half. Remove the saw marks and reduce the stock to 1 4-in. thickness with a planer.

Contemporary Version Of An American Classic

The other problem was simply a matter of money. I wanted the top to look thick and sturdy, but 1 didn't want to spend a small fortune on lumber. So, I cheated (just a little) and built the top with 4 4 ( Vie thick) lumber and added thicknesser strips to the edges to beef them up and give the appearance of a much thicker top. the basic top. The top starts out as one big slab of lumber. To get this slab, I ripped enough boards to get a 35 width and a length of 57 . (This is the rough length. It's trimmed down to 56 later.)

Team of handsaws can handle any cut

(A) 8- to 10-TPI cross-cut saw for general cutting of dimension lumber or sheet goods (B) Backsaw for miter-cutting (C) Hacksaw for cutting metal (D) Wallboard saw for making cutouts in wallboard and other soft building materials (E) Flush-cutting saw for trimming wood plugs and through tenons (F) Dovetail saw (saw shown is smaller version called Gentleman's saw (G) Japanese saw (cuts on the pull stroke)for quick trim-carpentry cutting (IT) Fret saw for making delicate scrolling cuts (1) Coping saw for curved cuts in trim carpcntry.

Comer Treatment for Siding

For lumber siding applied horizontally (Fig. 83), mitred corners are most common, but metal corners or corner boards may also be used. Plywood and hardboard are usually lapped at the comers or fitted to a corner board. Lumber siding applied vertically is lapped at the corners.

Choosing Your Material

Be sure to sticker the wood in your shop and let it acclimate for a couple of weeks before milling. Now. spread out the lumber and begin to organize your boards. Save the best pieces for the doors which will be the central focus of the cabinet, at least while the TV is off. (We special ordered bees-wing ' walnut from Goby Walnut Products for our door panels, see Sources, p. 37.) Boards that contain any quarter- to rift sawn pieces are good for door and panel frames (Photo 1). With an eye on grain patterns and color, decide where the remaining boards will be used and mark them accordingly._

Some Tips From Our Shop

Some other good choices would be Soft Maple and Alder (on the West Coast). If none of these woods are available, you might be able to find some Philippine Mahogany (usually called Luan) at almost any good lumber yard. The only drawback is the dark color makes it a little more difficult to see the cut lines. But if your choice is between Luan and pine. I'd choose Luan to cut dovetails.

This evening project makes use of a unique invisible hanging system

The nice thing about this shelf design is that it's just as easy to build three (or more) as it is to build one. Each requires about a board foot of lumber. And there are only three parts two brackets and a shelf. Plus, there's a unique hanging system that's completely invisible.

Framestyle Sandbox Stepbystep

PHOTO A Place the parts that compose each tier in position on your worksurface, alternating the CI Make the long seats. Cut the orientation of the butt joints around the tier. Attach the parts with countersunk 3-in. galvanized blanks to length, then measure deck screws. It's a good idea to wear gloves when working with treated lumber.

Types And Installation Of Sheathing

Lumber sheathing application (A) horizontal and diagonal (B) started at foundation wall. Lumber sheathing application (A) horizontal and diagonal (B) started at foundation wall. Lumber sheathing, which should not be less than 16 in. (17 mm) thick, is used in boards 6 to 12 in. (140 to 286 mm) wide. It is milled in a shiplap, tongue-and-groove or square-edge pattern. The boards are nailed at each stud with two nails for the 6 to 8 in. (140 and 184 mm) widths and three for the 10 to 12 in. (235 and 286 mm) widths. End joints in the board must be placed over the centre of the studs with the joints staggered on different studs. Lumber sheathing may be put on either horizontally or diagonally (Fig. 79A) and is extended beyond the subfloor to cover the header joist and the sill plate (Fig. 79B). The angle cuts in the diagonal approach require more time and materials.

Building this a n t i q u e i n s p i r e d table its a faithful reproduction that even our forebears would appreciate

Our table requires only seven board feet of 3 4 -thick cherry and four 30''-long leg blanks. When choosing your material, look for 6 - to 7 -wide boards so the aprons and drawer front will be single planks and the top is a three-piece lamination. Look for color and grain similarities in all your wood. For the leg stock we recommend cutting your pieces from one continuous length of solid lumber.

Shakerstyle Portable Chest

The original was made of walnut, though any cabinet-grade hardwood or pine may be substituted. Pine should be used for drawer sides and backs. Note that the case itself, as well as the drawer fronts, is of -thick stock. If you cannot get your lumber planed to this thickness, stock may be used, though it will necessitate some dimensional changes. All other parts of the chest are of stock. The back panel is also W pine, but if the chest is to be wall hung, plywood can be substituted. Drawer bottoms should be of thin plywood, preferably or Ks . Dust panels salvaged from old chests of drawers are excellent for small drawer bottoms. Hardboard can be

Crossgrain Scratches

Surfacing rough lumber is something of a mixed bag with a drum sander. The extra width capacity can be a godsend for super-wide boards. Some drum sanders can take the cup out of a board (warp across the width), but few work well in removing bow and twist (warp down the length). A long-bed jointer is far better for these jobs.

Perfect Project Parts

A quality project really starts at the lumberyard. But most lumber needs some work to get there. This is where a jointer comes in handy. Start by squaring one edge and face of each board and marking them, as shown in the lower left photo on the opposite page. Now you can plane the opposite face and rip the other edge to get flat, square stock.

Project The Box Smoker

This box smoker is made from materials readily available from any lumberyard. To cut costs, you can use rough-cut boards or lumber from wooden shipping pallets. Put a piece of scrap lumber or a match book under the door to center it in the door frame. Mark the hinge placement on the smoker side edge. Remove the door and chisel out a slight depression to re-

Pull Placement For All Drawers

The veneers are joined into sheets by edge gluing them together, much like you would regular lumber. First, joint the edges of the veneers on the jointer (Photo 2). An alternate method involves clamping the veneer to a straight edge board and using a router with a flush trim bit.

Save Time And Money By Producing Several

BOWLS FROM A SINGLE BLOCK OF WOOD Ordinarily, turning a bowl mean getting one bowl from a single block of wood with most of your expensive wood ending up os shavings. The McNaughton System will allow lo prodixe several bowk from a single wood blank with little waste The Complete System comes with four blodes, a 16 interchangeable handle, and on articulated tool rest support. (KMS140) 266.00

Finishing The Garden Seat

If I'd wanted to let the grain of the wood stand out as much as possible, I could have used an oil finish formulated for outdoor use, like DAFs Woodlife or General Finishes' Outdoor Oil. This is a good choice with a more expensive wood, like redwood. But you'll want to renew the finish every year by applying an additional coat of oil.

American Woodworker

The laminating strips must be cut from straight-grained wood without flaws that might make them bend unevenly. The outside lamination of the original is mahogany. The inner laminations can be a less expensive wood. (They're white pine on the original, but there is no reason why you can't use the same wood for all three laminations.)

Footings Foundations And Slabs

Beam Pockets For Foundation Walls

Formwork for concrete walls must be tight, well-braced and tied to withstand the pressure of the concrete. Reusable forms are made of plywood or steel, and use steel form ties to hold the two sides of the formwork together (Fig. 12). The ties are usually broken off to remove the forms when the concrete has set. If these forms are not available, the formwork may be made with lumber (tongue-and-groove or shiplap) or plywood, together with the necessary framing members. They can be built in sections and then erected.

Aw Sponsors Award At Philly Fornitore Show

space, plus a retail store sell- ing tools, hardware, lumber and other supplies. We supply pretty much everything from jointers and biscuit joiners to cabinet scrapers and shaving horses, says founder Mark Wirthlin. Each club is staffed by experienced woodworkers who arc avail-able to help members with their projects.

Stepbystep To Turning A Bowl

To turn this bowl you'll need a blank 12 square by 3Y thick. The first step is to cut 7 pieces out of 8 4 (1 -thick) lumber. Each piece is 3W wide by 12 long. All 7 pieces are laminated (face to face) to form the 12 -square blank. (The bowl in the photo is glued a little differently because I was using small scraps from around the shop.)

Kerf Bending Wood Techniques

Bent Plywood Scooter

1) Positioning a Guide Block to Resaw on the Band Saw. 2) Storing Small Amounts of Lumber. 3) Using Slow-Setting Glue. Table Saw Working on the Left Side or Right Side of the Blade Winners of the wood storage contest. A two-part system for storing lumber and plywood. A fold-down plywood wall rack. Using bungee cords and also spring poles to keep your lumber neatly and securely in place.

Wood Shingles and Machinegrooved Shakes

Dormer Siding Clearance

Shingles are made in random widths varying in the first grade from 2 1 2 to 14 in. (65 to 350 mm) only a small proportion of the narrow width is permitted in the first grade. Shingles of a uniform width, known as dimension shingles, are also available. Widths of 4, 5 or 6 in. (100, 125 or 150 mm) may be specified. Table 36 shows the commonly used exposure and thickness of wood shingles and machine-grooved shakes. Lumber, oriented strand board, waferboard or plywood sheathing should be used under shingles or shakes.

Premade Beaded Boards

For a different look, you may want to paint the beaded panels (or the entire bench). If so, check your local home center or lumberyard for manufactured beaded board that's pre-primed or painted white. It will probably be MDF instead of solid wood, and it may have lap joints instead of tongue and groove, as in the right photo. And if you'd like to try the painted paneling option, just visit your local home improvement or lumber store to see what's available. I found both individual primed MDF beaded boards and sheets of W beaded paneling.

Seatofthepants Veneer Press

Clamp And Beam Veneer Press

I don't know any hard-and-fast formulas for predicting pressure distribution, but I generally try to build caul thickness roughly equal to half the distance between the beams. (See drawing.) You can improve pressure distribution by placing a layer of planed 8 4 lumber lengthwise between the beams and cauls. To help distribute pressure evenly across the width of the glue-up. bandsaw and disc-sand J 4-in. or so crowns lengthwise on the faces of the beams. For this coffee-table top I'd suggest using no fewer than six pairs of beams. Use one 3 4-in.-thick plywood caul and a layer of 2x4s or planed 8 4 lumber on each side of the veneer. E.W.

Minwax Easy Weekend Projects Booklet

WOODWORKERS SOURCE Over 25 years of experience supplying woodworkers more than 100 woods from around the world - lumber, turning stock, and veneers. Quantity discounts, worldwide shipping and guaranteed satisfaction. Comprehensive website Includes detailed information on each wood and provides for ordering exotic and domestic hardwood online. For more information call us at1 -800-4232450, Extn. 110 or visit Circle 168.

Installing Roof Sheathing

How Nail Roof Sheathing

Lumber sheathing must be laid closed (Fig. 69B). The boards are usually 3 4 in. (19 mm) thick, but this thickness may be reduced to 16 in. (17 mm) where supports are spaced at 16 in. (400 mm) on centre. Boards 8 in. (184 mm) or less wide are nailed to the framing members with two 2 in. (51 mm) nails per bearing. Those wider than 8 in. (184 mm) should be nailed with three 2 in. (51 mm) nails per bearing. Boards wider than 12 in. (286 mm) should not be used for roof sheathing. For a wood shingle roof, the roof boards may be spaced the same distance apart on centre as the shingle exposure. This method (Fig. 69A), commonly used in damp climates, permits freer movement of air around the boards and under shingles, thus reducing the possibility of decay.

Flattening And Thicknessing By Hand

Edge Jointing With Thickness Planer

Apart from stubbornness, there are some sound reasons for hand-planing a board flat and to a desired thickness. Not having a jointer or planer is, of course, the most obvious. But sometimes your stock may be too wide for your jointer, or too thick for the planer. Also, if you're working with recycled lumber, it's much less expensive to strike a hidden nail or screw with a plane iron than with the knives in your planer or jointer.

Designer Furniture Plans

Free Fish Scroll Saw Patterns

Like Having A Lumberyard Right in Your Shop Put this versatile power-feed tool to work in your own shop. See how fast it pays for itself Quickly converts low-cost rough lumber into valuable finished stock, quarter-round, casing, base mold, tongue & groove. . .all popular patterns . even custom designs

Shakerstyle Keepsake Box Stepbystep

Bent Over And Drilled

Some hardwoods are easier to bend than others. Ash is a good choice, as well as oak and cherry. Whatever species you choose, be sure it has been air-dried (often called green ) rather than kiln-dried. Kiln-drying destroys the elasticity of wood fibers and makes the wood prone to breaking when it bends. There's no way to tell, visually, if the stock has been air-dried, so ask your lumber supplier before you buy.

As much fun as a woodworker can legally have in a workshop

Can You Turn Green Wood

Of the wood changing shape (shrinking) as the moisture leaves. Outer layers often dry faster than the inner ones. This uneven drying creates stresses in the wood, which cause checking. Left to itself, drying is a slow process, with thicker air-dried material often requiring years of seasoning. We kiln dry (KD) most lumber these days and, while this speeds the process, it can result in another set of problems. Wood can be case hardened (hard and dry outside, still wet inside), checked or fractured with honeycomb cracks (checking not

Cmclc Ho On Acaccr Servicc Caao

Either solution is dangerous. The Timber Tote is a set of hangers that you can suspend from the passenger window and trunk of your car. The padded hangers cradle your wood and protect your car from scratches. When not in use, the set of hangers fits together neatly, so you can store them in the trunk of your car. The Timber Tote comes with rope for securing your lumber. (Price 24.97) Jupiter Products Inc., Dept. AWT, P.a Box 4367, Centerline, MI 48015, (313) 354-3339.

Ripcutting with a table saw

The table saw is certainly the most convenient and most accurate machine for ripping lumber and sheet goods. Make sure the rip fence is adjusted so it's parallel to the blade and at a right angle to the table. Squaring up the fence can be tricky with the often-flimsy fences that come with some table saws. That's why you may want to consider seriously investing in after-market calibrated fences that are sturdy, adjustable, and accurate. Many new saws now come equipped

Plastic Laminate That Shifts And Shatters

Replacing the dull blade with a sharp one would probably have saved the woodworker from serious injury. But even with a sharp blade, it's possible to encounter lumber that cuts unevenly. When this happens, remember to maintain a firm, balanced stance and a continuous feed rate. If the board hesitates, your reaction should depend on your saw's power. If your saw has 2 HP or more, continue feeding the board at the same rate don't push harder. If your saw has less than 2 HP, stop feeding the board, turn off the saw, and finish the cut on the bandsaw. Don't let the blade guard give you a false sense of security your hand can slip under it.

Solid Waln Face Frame

Skil Stile And Rail Bit Instructions

The intensity and hue of walnut often varies from one board to another or between plywood veneer and solid lumber. These color differences can detract from the appearance of your finished project. Give your project a more cohesive look by dyeing the lighter wood and applying a glaze to even out the color differences. Use the same procedure we explained in Make Sapwood Disappear, p. 61.

Selecting the right adhesive for your bonding task

WHiTE GLUE Used on wood, paper or cloth, interior use only. Dries in several hours and has a moderately strong bond. Poor resistance to water and heat. Emits no harmfui odors. Cleans up with soap and water. YELLOW GLUE Used on wood, paper or cloth, interior use only. Dries faster than white glue and has a slightly stronger bond. Moderate resistance to water and heat. Emits no harmful odors. Cieans up with soap and water. LIQUID HIDE GLUE ideal for fine wood furniture or musical instruments. Interior use only. Sets siowfy. Has good bond and is resistant to solvents and wood finishes. An eye irritant Wlli clean up with soap and water. POLYURETHANE GLUE Used to bond a variety of materials including wood, metal and ceramics. Sets quickiy and pro duces a strong bond. Waterproof. Warning this giue can cause immediate and residual iung damage. This product should only be used with excellent ventilation. Asthmatics and peopie with chronic iung conditions should not use this product Cleans up...

Roof Space Ventilation

Parallel Chord House

Parallel chord trusses provide longer spans than commonly available in dimensional lumber, and permit the placement of high levels of insulation while providing adequate ventilation of the roof cavity. This advantage is also available through conventional trusses when a raised heel is incorporated. This permits full depth placement of insulation A novel approach to traditional post-and-beam construction involves using beams from timber, glulam cr structural composite lumber to support stress skin panels. These structuial panels comprise a sandwich of roof sheathing, insulation and an interior panel finish or nailing surface.

Art Deco Hammock Stand Stepbystep

Built completely from standard dimension pine lumber, this unique hammock stand is made up of three subassemblies one center support, two angled uprights and three legs. The foundation of the project is its base, which forms a sandwich around the uprights. Gaps in the inner layer of the base function as mortises for holding the angled uprights in place. The uprights and feet are designed to fit into and around the base without the need for mechanical fasteners.

American Woodworker com

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Sheet Or Panel Products

In addition to dimension lumber, other wood products in the form of sheets and panels are used in wood-frame construction. Plywood, oriented strand board and waferboard, for example, are used to add stiffness to the structural components of the roof, wall and floor, apart from forming a uniform surface for the application of other materials. Fibreboard, parti-cleboard and hardboard are also used in many aspects of interior and exterior finishing. Plywood is made of thin layers or plies of wood glued together with the grain of each ply running in a counter direction. Common thicknesses range from 1 4 to 3 4 in. (6.0 to 18.5 mm). Like dimension lumber, plywood is graded for particular uses. Douglas fir plywood (DFP) and Canadian softwood plywood (CSP) are the two most common softwood plywoods produced. All sheathing grade plywood, waferboard and oriented strand board is made with an exterior grade glue. Pre-oiled or overlaid plywood is used for concrete form-work.

Measuring Marking Layout

Woodworking Marking Gauge Plans

Successful workshop projects start with careful, accurate measuring, marking and layout. The most critical elements in these steps of the proccss are good planning, accurate measuring and using sharp marking tools that create readable lines. The level of precision needed varies according to the intricacy and complexity of your project. Rough carpentry (for example, putting up stud walls or installing floor underlayment or roof decking) requires a certain amount of'care, but generally you can achieve satisfactory results using tape measures, framing squares and a lumber pencil as a marking tool. Trim carpentry (installing moldings and decorative trim) requires a higher degree of accuracy, so you'll want to involve steel rules, levels and angle gauges in the process. A good sharp pencil will usually give you marking lines of acceptable accuracy. Fine woodworking carries the highest standard of accuracy. You'll want to use marking gauges, compasses and any of a wide selection of...

Timber Resources and Uses

In the United States, more than 100 wood species are available to the prospective user, but all are unlikely to be available in any one locality. About 60 native woods are of major commercial importance. Another 30 species are commonly imported in the form of logs, cants, lumber, and veneer for industrial uses, the building trade, and crafts. Softwoods are available directly from the sawmill, wholesale and retail yards, or lumber brokers. Softwood lumber and plywood are used in construction for forms, scaffolding, framing, sheathing, flooring, moulding, paneling, cabinets, poles and piles, and many other building components. Softwoods may also appear in the form of shingles, sashes, doors, and other millwork, in addition to some rough products such as timber and round posts. Hardwoods are used in construction for flooring, architectural woodwork, interior woodwork, and paneling. These items are usually available from lumberyards and building supply dealers. Most hardwood lumber and...

Engineered Wood Products

In addition to dimension lumber, a wide variety of engineered wood products (EWPs) are manufactured for use in wood-frame house construction. These products can provide equivalent or superior performance to dimension lumber, and are typically manufactured using less wood from small, fast-growing trees. EWPs make better use of forest resources. A description of the various types which are available follows. EWPs include products such as glue-laminated timber, wood I-joists and structural composite lumber. Dimension lumber and other wood products are often combined in the manufacture of EWPs using glue or mechanical fasteners or both. The most common example is the engineered pitched-roof truss. Less common, but of increasing application, is the parallel-chord truss with metal or wood webs. Wood I-joists consisting of lumber flanges and plywood, wafer-board or oriented strandboard webs are also being used more frequently (Fig. 28). Structural Composite Lumber Structural composite lumber...


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Most dimension lumber is used for house framing joists, rafters, and studs. But when you choose dimension lumber for a furniture project, it pays to sort the boards more closely than a building contractor might. After getting the wood backto the shop, there's the matter of moisture content Here in Iowa, dimension lumber is dried to a moisture content of about 20 .


The primary component of wood-frame construction is dimension lumber. It forms the structural shell which encloses and divides spaces and to which finishes are applied. In addition to lumber, other wood products are frequently used in the construction of the shell and in the interior and exterior finishes. All of these products are intended for specific uses and are manufactured to meet certain standards. The lumber that is commonly used for framing is 11 2 to 31 2 in. (38 to 89 mm) thick and is called dimension lumber. Timber is the name given to lumber thicker than 4 1 2 in. (114 mm) there are also decking, boards and finish lumber groupings. Table 6 presents the grades, common grade mixes, principal uses, and grade categories for the various sizes of dimension lumber.

Turning Supplies

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Availability Size Thicknesses Widths Lengths Cost Lumber Veneer Hardwood lumber dealers Purplchcart lumber is often used as a furniture acccnt wood or for boxes, jewelry, and novelties. It's also preferred for billiard cue butts. Architectural applications include flooring and paneling. The heartwood, which is very durable and resistant to chcmicals and acids, is even used to make chemical vats. Veneers are used for inlay, marquetry and overlay of furniture and cabinet surfaces.

The Quarter Solution

May I take the liberty to ask why you write 5 4 or 8 4 and then give the exact thickness of the lumber in inches To really answer your question, I'm afraid I'll have to answer two other questions first What does the 4U, 5 4, 8 4 designation mean And how does it relate to the actual thickness of lumber First of all, the quarter terminology stands for the thickness of rough lumber (as it comes from the mill). Traditionally, lumber is referred to by its rough thickness, in 'A increments. So, a 1 -thick rough board is called 4U (pronounced four-quarter), and a PA -thick board is called 5 4 (pronounced five-quarter). However, this designation is not the actual thickness of the lumber as it's sold on the retail market. Most lumber is surfaced at individual lumber yards. After the lumber is surfaced, it still retains the same quarter terminology, even though the actual (nominal) thick In order to assure the customer that he's actually comparing apples to apples from one yard to another, the...

Hearne Hardwoods

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Of This Ad Or Larger

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The Virtue of No

DEFECTS DON'T MAKE A BOARD DEFECTIVE just cheaper. If your project calls for small parts, like stiles and rails, lumber that's graded No. I Common is an economical choice.You can harvest perfectly good pieces by cutting around the knots. Just try to figure out how hardwood lumber is graded. Lumber is such an incredibly diverse materia that there are enough grades, rules for grading and exceptions to the rules to make you dizzy. Professional lumber graders use standards, administered by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, to classify every board. While you don't need to be a pro, knowing, the difference between No. 1 Common and the higher select grades can keep you from wasting your money. Everybody likes to buy the best. But when choosing lumber, its a mistake to pay top dollar for big, clear boards if you're going to cut them up into small pieces.The best boards to buy aren't always the most expensive ones. DEFECTS DON'T MAKE A BOARD DEFECTIVE just cheaper. If your project...


Store Lumber Stable Lumber Rack lumber racks always get stacked high with project leftovers. Here's a trick for keeping a wobbly stack tipped in the right direction Tack a wood shim onto each rack support so the stacked lumber will lean slightly back into the rack.This keeps any leaning towers of lumber from toppling the wrong way Overhead Lumber Rack lumber rack may be the perfect lumber storage solution. It holds Temporary Lumber Storage

Backyard Sawmills

From 90 to 6,000, there's a machine for anyone who has ever dreamed of making lumber. ing our own lumber crosses the minds of most woodworkers. It might be inspired by the sight of a big tree blown down by a storm, a custom tabletop made from only one or two slabs of unusual wood or the thought of free wood. Whatever reason, the idea of do-it-yourself lumber making holds a certain amount of intrigue for most of us. ieldmg to my own euriosity about W lumber making, 1 checked out nine JL. sawmills ranging in size from very small to medium. The mills fall into two broad groups handheld and frame-mounted. ieldmg to my own euriosity about W lumber making, 1 checked out nine JL. sawmills ranging in size from very small to medium. The mills fall into two broad groups handheld and frame-mounted.