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1001 Router Jigs and Counting

OF ALL THE WOODWORKING MACHINES that I own, my routers feel the most like an extension of my hand. Routers lend themselves so easily to so many kinds of work, it seems I'm almost always using one.Thanks to the amazing variety of available bits and cutter sets, routers can cut, joint, mold, plane, shape, dado and drill. Attached to the right jig, they can produce intricate joinery, carvings and inlays; and the number of jigs and accessories available for routing defy counting. On more than one occasion, a router's compact size, portability and accuracy have made it my first choice, even though I have other machines that can do the same job—without a doubt, routers are the most versatile machines in my shop.

This issue of American Woodworker is our 10th Annual Router Special, and like the previous nine, it's chock-full of new router gear and useful techniques.That's a real testimony to the versatility of the router, the creativity of woodworkers, and the ingenuity of router product developers.

One new product that particularly intrigued me was the new Leigh Super FMT jig for routing mortises and tenons (page 20). I reviewed the original Leigh FMT (now called the FMT Pro) when it was first released in 2003 and found it to have "spot-on accuracy." You can view the complete article at www.AmericanWoodworker.com/146/FMTpro. For comparison, I tried out the new Super FMT and found it just as precise and easy to use as the original FMT Pro. So if you've had your eye on this tool, you can now get all its great benefits for about half the price of the original.

Do you have a favorite router jig, tool, technique or project? We've designated February and March, 2010, as "Router Tips and Techniques" months on our website. Post your router tip, technique, project or story to our website and you'll automatically be entered to win some great router-related prizes. Visit www. AmericanWoodworker. com/146/RouterTips for the details.


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