How To Build Anything

How To Build Anything

Learning something new can be utterly overwhelming and tiring, woodwork can be especially confusing as it is an age-old craft that is dominated by experienced builders majority of which know the job only too well to be good teachers as they assume everyone else knows or should know just as much as they do about working with wood. This program “How to Build Anything” teaches users how to build just about anything using wood, it guides users from the stage of buying the first set of power tools to brushing on the final coat of finish, it is written in clear and concise language with no woodworking jargon included throughout the entire building process.  How to Build Anything gives the user the skills and confidence needed to build hundreds of simple projects that can be used around the home as well as magnificent edifices without having prior knowledge of wood work.

What is included in the program

The product was designed by Andy Duframe an instructional writer with more than fifteen years’ experience in designing woodwork plans, building wood projects and inventing woodworking tools and gadgets. The product is available as a digital product available online that can be downloaded and is packaged in an e-book format which is easy to read on any Portable document format (PDF) enabled device. It intends to help users with little or no knowledge of woodwork build and design various woodworking products.

How does the program work

How to build anything attempts to fill in the missing pieces that most woodworking plans and blue print do not include, this omitted pieces that the product attempts to fill include the following;

  1. Which tools to buy to ensure optimum results and efficient products.
  2. How to use the tools bought to ensure that the final product is same as the desired product.
  3. How to buy good and quality timber and how to get the best timber boards that suits the project available at the right amount.
  4. The product also works by teaching its users how to measure correctly and accurately and how to avoid costly mistakes that may occur in the process of measuring.
  5. The right fastener to use in any woodwork is also contained in the product .
  6. The product teaches the right pilot hole and drill to be used in the process of construction.
  7. The foundation of all furniture and woodwork related task, “how to build a simple box” is also contained in the product which teaches beginners how to move up the ladder from constructing a simple box to constructing magnificent edifices using wood.

Who is the program intended for

How to Build Anything is intended for individuals with little or no experience in woodwork, it seeks to teach novice woodworkers how to build virtually anything using wood and materials that can be soured easily and include simple and easy-to-follow techniques that anyone with a passion for building wood projects can use.

Benefit of the program

How to Build Anything promises to offer a wide range of advantages to anyone who uses it, below are some of the advantages to be derived from using this product;

  1. The availability of the book in digital format allows you the portability of carrying it anywhere with you such as on your smartphone, computer, laptop screen etc.
  2. It requires no experience from the user to be able to use the product
  3. Since the product is in virtual format, users wouldn’t find it difficult to search for any project they want since all the have to do is use the search function to search for whatever is needed
  4. The instructions are comprehensive which allows users move from gaining access to extensive project possibilities to getting step-by-step instructions on how to get everything perfectly right.
  5. Learning the skills taught in this product enables the user to save the money that would otherwise have been given to furniture makers.
  6. Learning the skills taught in this product also helps the user become self-employed if he/she intends to make the furniture for sale.
  7. The product provides elaborate diagrams and blue prints which is easy to comprehend by anyone for any given project in it

Does the product work

Users who have so far given a review of the product have all given satisfactory reviews with many admitting to being thrilled with the rate with which they were able to build their first project successfully as well as subsequent projects and lauded the creator for including cut-out templates and tool guides for making their work quicker, easier and less stressful. Judging by various testimonials including my own personal experience with using the product, it is sufficient to say this program is recommended for anyone seeking to build impressive materials using wood.

Bonuses attached to using this product

Upon purchase of this product, the author has provided for some other product at no expense to the buyer, these products offered as bonuses are listed below;

  1. EZ Pilot Hole Guides; This product explains in detail how to drill a pilot hole in the perfect location onto a woodwork, the location of pilot holes is as important as the hole itself as placing a pilot hole in the wrong place can easily ruin a project by splitting the fragile ends of the board being used.
  2. Build A Plywood Cutting Guide; This product helps the user build his/her own plywood cutting guide instead of paying several hundreds of dollars, it provides step by step guide on how to make your personal cutting guide using tools and materials that are commonly found, the best plywood cutting tool is unarguably the circular saw as plywood panels are difficult to move around on stationary objects and are simpler easier to cut with the use of a portable tool.
  3. Lumber Calculators; This product teaches users how to accurately estimate how many boards would be sufficient for a given project to ensure there is no ever-growing scarp board pile in your shop.
  4. Shop Safety Posters; This product include letter size shop posters that can be used to serve as a reminder when to stop, think or take a few precautions to prevent the occurrence of injuries in the shop.
How To Build Anything
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