Shaker-style Rocker 6

A hand-woven seat and round mortise and tenon joints are two of the details in our version of a classic Shaker rocker.

Working with Dowels 14

Whether you're creating your own dowels or trying to get a perfect fitting tenon on the end, you'll get it right the first time with these step-by-step tips from our shop.

Shaker Footstool . 16

Here's a great chance to try the same techniques we used on the rocker. Just make (or buy) a few dowels, purchase some cotton tape and set aside a weekend to make this handy stool.

Weaving a Seat 18

Our step-by-step instructions take you through the ins and outs of weaving with cotton webbing. In no time at all, you'll be putting the finishing touches on a rocking chair or footstool.

Birdhouse 24

Here's a birdhouse with a new "angle" — eight of them in fact. Our octagonal house design has room for up to four bird families. And the unique design makes it easy to "add-on" another level.

Stave Construction 32

Building a project with eight sides doesn't require a Ph.D. in geometry. A table saw, a little patience, and a few simple tips will help you end up with perfect-fitting joints.


Tips & Techniques 4

Shop Notes 22

Reader's Jig 34

Sources 35

Shaker'Style Rocker page 6
Footstool page 16

Weaving a Seat page 18

Birdhouse page 24

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