Drilling Mortises In Round Stock

If I'm making my own dowels, I drill the mortises while the blanks are square. But drilling holes in a dowel isn't a big deal. I use a simple 2x4 V-block to support the piece, see Fig. 1. The "V" is formed by tilting the saw blade 45° and making two passes, see Fig. la.

The V-block supports the dowel, but clamping it in place is a tittle awkward if you need to drill more than one hole. So I add an end cap, see Figs. 1

and 2. This cap has a hole and a kerf so you can pinch the end of the dowel to lock it tight.

This also makes it easy to drill two sets of holes 90° to each other. First draw a line on the end cap 90° to the kerf, see

Fig. 1. Then after the first set of holes is drilled, draw a line that points to the kerf on the end of the dowel, see Fig. 2a. Now for the next set of holes, rotate the dowel so the marks on the end cap and dowel align.

Support blocks

I Clamp support block to table

Support block

NOTE: Measure tenon 7^71 to outside of bit s / Aux. fence

Center dowel on bit

Auxiliary ._

fence covers U-router fence ^ opening

To cut shoulder, plunge dowel in and rotate

Push dowel in and out, then rotate and repeat

Size tenon slightly oversize, then sand to fit

Push dowel in and out, then rotate and repeat

Size tenon slightly oversize, then sand to fit

Center kerf


Size hole on end cap to match tenon on dowel

Draw arrow that points to kerf

#8 x V/2" Fh woodscrew



Rotate arrow to 90° layout line yf Clamp' T^sr kerf to secure dowel



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