Of the Legs

LAYOUT. Although the tapers are shaped by hand, I found it helpful to draw some layout lines on each leg. To start with, I laid out the narrow end of the taper on the bottom of each leg. To do this, I simply traced around a twenty-five cent piece, see Fig. 1.

Each taper starts about an inch from the bottom of the leg. To mark this point, I used a pencil and a combination square to draw a line around the circumference of each leg 1" from the end, see Fig. 2.

SHAPING THE LEGS. To shape the ends of the legs, all you need is a file or rasp and some sandpaper. Start by clamping the leg in a vise to hold it securely.

Then start roughing out the material between the two layout lines, see Fig. 3. Shop Note: The layout lines are a guide only — you'll still have to use your eye to refine the shape of the leg.

After you've got the leg roughly shaped with the file, sand the profile smooth and round, see Fig. 3a. ES

Use quarter (1"dia) to draw circle on end of leg

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