router table can be one of the most useful tools in a shop. The only problem is in a small shop, there's not always room for one. That's why I like this idea for a knock-down router table sent in by Gary Swergold of Potomac, Maryland.

Gary's idea is to attach a router table top to the front of a workbench, see photo. A pair of folding legs support the top, and the whole thing can be set up in just a few minutes.

BENCH BRACKETS. The back edge of the router table top is supported by two 3/4M-thick brackets that are bolted to the edge of the workbench, see Figs. 1 and lb. These brackets swing out from underneath the lip of the benchtop when you want to set up the router table.

Note: You may need to attach a spacer to the back edge of your router table top to allow it to sit flush with the bench top, see exploded view.

LEGS. The front edge of the router table top is supported by a pair of legs that rest on the lower rail of the bench, see photo. These legs are made from

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3/4M-thick stock and are notched on one end to brace against the rail.

The other end of each leg is mitered to support the router table top. The legs are attached to the router table top by a pair of support blocks, see Fig. la. These are just a couple pieces of 3/4"-thick stock screwed to the underside of the router table top. A hex bolt passes through a hole in the end of each leg and into a T-nut mounted on the side of each support block, see drawing.

The top corner of each leg is rounded over just enough to allow the legs to pivot on the bolts. And a cross brace is attached to the legs for stability.

To use the table, simply swing out the bench brackets and place the leg assembly over the edge of the bench rail. Then tighten up all the hex bolts, and you're ready to go. d

Wood Scroll Corner Brackets

Bench rail note:

Attach cross bar with #8 x V/2" Fh woodscrews

Bench rail note:

Attach cross bar with #8 x V/2" Fh woodscrews

1V2" A

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