"hinged" the pieces together with masking tape. This allowed me to dry fit the roof to the birdhouse and then glue the pieces together without taking them completely apart.

To do this, start by laying the pieces face up on your bench, end to end, in a ring. Then place a strip of tape along each jointline to join the pieces together in a "chain," see Fig. 1.

Next, gently raise the two ends of the ring and bring them together to form a complete circle and tape the ends together. Now you can check the fit of the roof assembly on the birdhouse, see Fig. 2.

To glue the pieces together, remove one of the tape strips and set the roof pieces flat on the bench face down. Run a bead of glue along each jointline and then tape the ends back together again, see Fig. 3.

Instead of trying to use clamps on the roof, just carefully turn the entire roof right side up and leave the tape in place until the glue is dry, see Fig. 4. ESI

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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