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Biscuit Corner Joint

#8 x VA" Fh woodscrew

Fence and base are made from 3W-thick MDF


Sliding fence

Optional spacer opiate ,

Guide block

' Hold workpiece against fence while cutting biscuit slot

Mitered Biscuit Joints

I recently bought a detail biscuit joiner (one that uses "mini" biscuits). The joiner and biscuits work fine for small projects. But when I wanted to use them to make some picture frames, I found it difficult to cut biscuit slots on the ends of the mitered frame pieces. So I decided to make a simple jig to hold the workpieces.

The base of the jig is just a piece of medium density fiberboard (MDF). A sliding right angle fence is attached to the top of the base, see drawing.

By moving the fence in or out, you can accommodate workpieces of various sizes. A couple of carriage bolts and wing nuts lock the fence in position.

At the front of the base, I mounted a couple of guide blocks to "corral" the biscuit jointer. These blocks help to center the joiner on the mitered end of the workpiece.

To use the jig, simply place the joiner in the corral. Then butt the mitered end of the workpiece up to the joiner, holding it tight against the fence of the jig while cutting the slot, see photo and detail.

To change the height of the slot, simply insert a 1/4l'-thick hardboard spacer plate under the biscuit joiner and between the guide blocks.

Robert McMurray Mill Valley, California

#8 x VA" Fh woodscrew

Fence and base are made from 3W-thick MDF

Carriage bolt

^ You may have to alter some dimensions to match your biscuit joiner

Table Saw Storage

V Pegboard ^ is sandwiched between table :

Table Saw Storage

The trouble with the metal stands that come with most contractor's saws is they don't have any place for accessories. But rather than build an elaborate storage cabinet, I found another solution. I simply used a piece of y4"-thick pegboard.

I fastened the pegboard to the bolts that are used to attach the extension wings to the top of the table saw. The pegboard hangs below the table and provides a perfect place for storing wrenches, blades, and other saw accessories.

Jill c lelland New Alexandria, Pennsylvania

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