Tenon Jig That Angles

Tenoning Jig

When you want to use a mortise and tenon joint to join two pieces at an angle, you have a choice to make: cut an angled tenon or bore an angled mortise. I would always choose the angled tenon.

The challenge is figuring out the best way to cut the tenons at an identical angle at botk ends of the workpiece — with the least amount of fuss. So I came up with a jig for the router table.

For the Oak Rocking Chair on page 6, the tenons at each end of the side rails have to be cut at a 3" angle. The problem is the angled tenons at each end must be parallel, and so must the shoulders, see the inset photo.

But with this router table jig, angled tenons up to about 1" long can be cut with just a straight bit And by following a fairly simple procedure, the shoulders and tenons are cut parallel. And at the exact same angle.

The jig can be used for other projects, too, because it's adjustable for different angles.

any angle. This angled tenon jig holds the workpiece at any angle (up to about 45') from vertical, see photo of jig above. Then, as the jig is run along the front edge of the router table, a perfect angled tenon can be routed on the workpiece with just one pass in each direction. (See Using the Jig on the facing page for the steps involved in making an angled tenon.)

adjustable thickness. Besides being adjustable to cut tenons at different angles, there's another feature that makes this jig useful. It can also be used to cut tenons of just about any thickness, on almost any size stock. What makes this possible is a carriage bolt in a slot and a wing nut These hold the two main parts of the jig together and allow the working end of the jig (the pivoting face) to be positioned at different distances from the router bit.

materials. I made the jig from a couple short lengths of scrap hardwood plus a handful of hardware. A pair of butt hinges permits the jig to tilt, and a pivot arm made from Masonite securely holds the pivoting face at an angle while the tenon is being routed.

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